Saturday, 28 August 2010

rain,rain go away

don’t,bloody come back another day.



I spent a very wet day in London with my friend Linda.It didn’t just rain,it poured.But we didn’t let it spoil our day.

We spent the day in our favourite shops along Marylebone High Street ,a spot of lunch in my favourite restaurant,

and then a quick stop to a camera shop to try the Canon 7D I want.It was  rather heavy to say the least.So luckily they didn't have one they could sell me,so I could walk away and think about it.But not before I parted with some money for this lens.

Then it was off to Anthropologie to ooh and ahh over the shop.

This sign they had up is like my mantra.

I couldn’t believe how dark it was outside it was more like Winter,it was still raining hard.So to finish our day we popped over the road to a very unusual restaurant called Sketch




It was getting late and we had missed afternoon tea.So we enjoyed a drink and some nibbles and we shall defiantly be going back another day.It was till raining hard when we left,but at least the doorman brightened up our day



waiting for Mum

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