Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Oh the sun has got his hat on

hip hip, hip hip hooray….

Looking out the window today you would not have believed that yesterday I was on a beach stripped down to my underwear in 28*C sun.

We woke to a beautiful sunny day.So I grabbed the chance and Hubby to take a selection of photos for my light assignment.

We spent  the morning exploring Burnham Market and then on to Holt.Where we had a pit stop at the famous Byford's cake shop.I found my chocolate and orange cake a bit disappointing and dry,but them my standards are high.

Then we headed to Holkham beach.I wanted to go to the naturist part of the beach,but hubby didn’t want the extra walk!!!!!!

So I ended up in a sand dune stripped to my unmatching underwear.

Me I'd have preferred to have been naked.I have heard there are lots of meercat bobbing heads in the naturist sand dunes.Lots of lone males checking out for action.I would have loved to have seen them.

We settled down to read the Sunday paper,the only messing about we did was with the camera.

We were going to stay at least another  night.But we were finding it hard to find a hotel to stay in.They were all sooooo expensive and the forecast was very bad for the next day.So we decided to enjoy the evening  stuffing ourselves in The Orange Tree.

Hubby was so hungry he couldn’t stuff his burger in quick enough.

it was all a blur….

Then we jumped back in the car and drove home so we’d wake up in our beautiful house.Why pay hundreds for a bed when something better is waiting for you at home………….

Plus we woke up to a day of torrential rain.

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kym said...

burnham market looks lovely, we went there for our honeymoon 30 years ago, it was full of old age pensioners and not much else back then, but i would love to go back sometime,
chris's lunch looks fantastic hope it tasted nice, xx


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