Tuesday, 10 August 2010

more bloody lavender

Well as anyone knows it was a gloomy week last week.Thick grey cloud everyday.

Me and Anna wanted to get our week 5 photography assignment in the bag,so we joined up for a shoot at the lavender field,near Hitchin.

It was overcast for the majority of the time and we had trouble working out where the sun was.This resulted in me ending up putting a tad too much exposure on my shots.I tried to compensate for the lack of light,but went a bit too far.Unfortunately,mainly on the pictures I took for Anna.

Anyway without further a do,here are some of a selection of nearly 300 whittled down photos.I have to be brutal now with my delete button,just to keep the numbers down.I keep forgetting to blog my photos,as I have been loading them to my facebook.Where Tasmin promptly nicks them for her profile.She wants her facebook riddled with beautiful pictures of her,so that when he boyfriend goes to University in September the girls will keep away!

Tasmin was as ever my delightful model.

I think Anna was quite envious how easy she was to shot.Her children have had to put up with their mum snapping away at them for years.So they weren’t always as willing as Tasmin.

So I am sorry this will be a post overloaded with picture but I found it hard to narrow them down.I had so many favourites.





This one makes me laugh.You can see Anna in the background taking pictures of her children.










I took lots of props with me,much to Anna's surprise.



This used to be my son’s suitcase for keeping his special toys in when he was young.





Tasmin turned the camera on me for a change.Hubby was rather pleased with these and promptly loaded them to his facebook.

Do you think he’s doing the same thing as Tasmin?Marking his territory………

Phew thanks for hanging in there.I bet you are as bored with lavender as I am now…..


Denise said...

Nope,not bored with lavender or your photos,they are really inspiring. Love the one with Tasmin and the little suitcase.I really like the sunflower and bubbles one too x

Deb said...

Love the bubbles and the sunflowers!!! Your husband should be really pleased with the shots of you as well. This looks like such a beautiful place to spend the day - I am so jealous!

I'm in Karen's class with you and just love all that you have to share.

domestic goddess said...

gorgeous photos as always hun , it was a great day!and yes i am envious of your perfect model!


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