Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I’m back…..

now I know you missed me……….

I have been soooooo busy with the Karen Russell workshop.I like to get my monies worth,so from dawn to dusk I participate on the forum.Add to that the assignments ,reading matter and photo shoots.Phew my heads spinning.

So I will take a couple of blogs,so you all can catch up.

I had some free time one afternoon,so I popped to my sister in laws to try and take some pictures of her identical twin boys.They are getting used to their Auntie having a camera permanently glued to her face.So they almost ignore/humour me know.

Jamie is still the most comfortable around my camera,so it always turns out I have more shots of him.But here are a few I came home with.

                                                    Jamie's on the left and Alex is on the right!!!!

well at least,I hope that's right.

I’ll start with the Jamie photos first

and then Alex?????


Can you spot the differences between them?

Hopefully I have their names around the right way.

Here’s some shots of them together.




So big thanks to Hubbys sister for the loan of her twins and to Linda for lending me her precious eyeglass.

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