Monday, 16 August 2010

finding the light.

This weeks assignment is for me to shoot portrait or candid shoots trying to remember lots of the stuff I have supposedly learnt.We had to write a checklist to help us remember what we wanted to accomplish.

I got Tasmins  16 year old tutu down from the loft and hung it up.I knew my friends daughter wouldn’t be able to resist it and then out came the camera.

Now luckily the majority of them came out alright,but at the end I realised I had my white balance in the wrong setting.Erghhh but this is what the assignment was all about.I am determined to try and remember the 101 things I’m supposed to.

and what you may just be able to see from this one,is that she had green eyebrows from being painted a lizard the day before and still had a bolognaise beard around her mouth.

You just can’t get the models nowadays.

Now hopefully Linda, you will like these samples of your little impromptu shoot today.

check out your cleavage!!!

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