Sunday, 22 August 2010

A day out on the river

This weeks assignment for Karen Russell's workshop was creating a checklist when doing a candid/portrait shoot.It was putting everything we have learnt together and trying to make us work quickly.I have got so much better,but I still forget some basic and some complicated ways of using my camera..

My sister came to the rescue for this assignment.We planned a day out in Cambridge,weather permitting.

So to ensure I knew the light in my garden I grabbed my daughters boyfriend before they left for Croatia.

He doesn’t have the nerve to say no to me,yet…..

I was looking for catchlights and perfect lighting and exposure.So the quick session was very interesting and helped me out when the whirlwinds that are my sisters children arrived.

I am warning you this will be an overload of photos as there were some many from the day.




First stop Granchester for a cream tea and a walk by the river.















and then some candid shots







I couldn’t believe my sisters husband had never been to Cambridge.So we gave him a whistle stop tour (well my favourite shops really) and hired a punt.

Dave is like my husband,good at anything he tries and he was an expert punt!!!

When I got home I found my camera had been set on the wrong metering all week!!I couldn’t master the depth of field for a group shot and I tended to overexpose a bit too much.But all in all lots learnt for another time.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

That 'punt' silhouette photo is awesome! You have excelled yourself! fab photo's on facebook too!


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