Friday, 13 August 2010

check this out

Anna has a fab giveaway over on her blog from CPS Stores in America.

I know a few of you reading my blog are keen cooks so I wanted to share this link with you.I’m like Anna my voucher would go towards a “Dutch oven”.Quite why Americans call casserole dishes this,I have no idea.

Although I could do with a decent frying pan.Since we’ve had our aga,I have been without one.Hubby the other day cooked an omelette in a wok!We have to have special bases on our pans because of the heat of the Aga.You can cook fried eggs,etc directly on the hot plates ,but an omelette would get a bit messy.And I don’t do mess!!!!



O hby the way,this isn’t me! I found the picture on the internet to show you someone frying eggs.




Anna also shares a recipe for a marrow,ginger and chilli chutney,along with some free downloadable  bits and bobs.Now I won’t be making any chutney.I don’t eat vegetables,cold meat or cheese so there is little point in me toiling over something that will sit in the back of the larder maturing………

When I was first married I used to bottle and pickle everything in sight.We had shelves of the stuff.I was like an Amish housewife.I think I used to watch too much Little House on the Prairie as a child.Because there was only Hubby to eat it all and he wasn’t that keen.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Ooooh! I remember pickling shallots every October, so they'd be ready for Christmas!...& don't get me started on jams & jellies! Not any more I hasten to add!...Yes I'm back on my new toy!!!! Still in my PJ's!!!

domestic goddess said...

LOL karen, I am like that now, love making chutney and jams !

kym said...

How spooky, we were talking about jams and pickles today at work, I also used to pickle onions etc in october ready for christmas, I had some strange notion that christmas would'nt be the same if I did'nt, I might start again this year! x


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