Sunday, 1 August 2010

Blooming lovely

We had a lovely day out in Columbia Road,flower market today.

It was full of some of my favourite flowers.

I bought a large bouquet of peonies and a bucket for my scraproom.

There was a new coffee shop,which must be the smallest in the World.It was just a doorway.


As usual there were lots of interesting things to look at and some wonderful music being made.










As we had paid to park today I wanted to get our monies worth ,so we decided to look for another area to explore.

We ended up at

Brick lane is famous for its ethnic food,but especially for its 24 hour bagel shops.

The queues were massive.I wasn’t tempted,as I am not keen on bagels.

But there was so else much to be tempted  by.

food from all over the World,but I settled for Thai chicken satay.

In both areas there were lots of Pearly Kings and Queens about,collecting money for charity.

A tourist asked the pearly Queen,had her family been artists?

she replied”yes,piss artists

It was very funny it was like listening to my old Nan,who was a real Londoner.Much of my swearing I learnt from her!


Scrappi Sandi said...

Swearing?'s a diabolical f*****g liberty!!!!!!

MagicLady said...

Fantastic photos Karen - so vivid!

I LOVE that bagel shop in Brick Lane - when I worked nights in Waterloo, we used to do a 3am Bagel Run for Salt Beef Bagels. You'll find the place packed with Police cars, Ambulances and Black Cabs that time of the morning LOL

kym said...

Fantastic photos, but where are you ! I have checked every day for an update and it is a week since you have blogged, I know maybe you are to busy making cupcakes to blogg, xx

p.s went to the lavender farm at the weekend,


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