Saturday, 28 August 2010

bake a cake, bake a cake,bakers man.

I have been busy using my Kitchen Aid this week.I’ve made batches of lemon cup cakes,scones,flapjack and a Victoria sandwich.All I must say myself were gorgeous.

Some of them were helped along by my first ever try at lemon curd.It was sooo easy.I just had to stir some ingredients together,pop it in a jar of my choice and sit it in my simmering oven for a couple of hours and voila it was ready.

And OMG it was beautiful.

I’m going to give orange curd a go this weekend along with an order for some more lemon curd for Linda.I am going to try an orange/chocolate cake with an orange curd filling.

Thanks to Denise and Sandra for an award and their kind words about my blog.

I have to tell you three things about myself

1.I love flowers around my house

2.I can’t stand ready meals or shop bought cakes

3.I HATE fat chips.

and I have to post a picture I love.

Me cooking last Christmas Eve after 6 hours on my feet.

Oh well,at least it was appreciated .Yeah right………


kym said...

Hi Karen,

I love Lemon curd and that looks so good, can I place an order as well please ! glad your getting your moneys worth from your Kitchen aid, I'v just returned from london and saw whoppie cakes on the sloan square farmers market xx

Scrappi Sandi said...

lemon curd is my favourite...on toast...about an inch thick!!! Too many WW points!! But sounds YUM!!

Great photo...but who are you passing the award on to?!!!

BTW Sue came into JLP today, make-up shopping & seemed surprised to see me....she says she will be rescheduling both Tempsford & WGC crops for the rest of the year from September & will be in touch with all of us!


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