Monday, 30 August 2010

All good things come to an end……

or not in the case of Karen Russell's workshop.Last night was the official end of the  course,and Karen left us for good.But we are all such a dedicated,enthusiastic group that we have decided to do it all again,without her.So we will be starting back at week one.And hopefully with people like Melody,one of my fellow students on board we will still have someone to help us if we have a wobbly.

Melody was an inspiration to me on the course.Her photos and knowledge of photography were second to none.If I work hard and continue to practice I will be happy if I get half as good as she is.

Now she writes a blog for her friends and family.She fills it with little anecdotes her children have said through out the day.Each one accompanied by a stunning photo.I’m afraid the only anecdote I have to share with you is not as cute as Melody’s.

Today I was catching up with some ironing and TV.I have just bought the Great British Bake Off cookbook and the new programme has been very interesting.Well it is if you’re like me and like cooking.

I was re-watching the first episode.When Mel the presenter said

“CAKE it is such a tiny word and yet it conjures up a huge enjoyment and expansiveness and luxury…….naughty but nice…….”

To which Hubby replied.She might as well have said “COCK”

I cracked up laughing,and had tears rolling down my face.Especially as Mel is a lesbian.I don’t think she had “cock” on her mind.But then neither do I.I’d prefer cake any day.

Not quite a Melody moment but it's the best I could do…….


Scrappi Sandi said...

he he he!!

kym said...

I have been catching up on that whilst doing my ironing, ( how sad ) if those contestants are the cream of the crop god help the other 1000's who did'nt get through, did you see the scones they made ! !

Sue said...

you are so norty!! Funny though:)

domestic goddess said...

can you send me a link to melodys blog :)


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