Wednesday, 7 July 2010


from sunny Spain.

I’ve just woke up and its 10am.

We’ve had this property for 20 years this year.We are surrounded by Spanish here.All of the English have left our complex to join forces in other less beautiful places.The view from the front of our apartment is of the largest sea lake in Europe-The Mar Menor.

My originally parents choose this resort because of the healing properties of the lake and the fact that there are no waves,current and the fact its so shallow you can walk out for ages and its still only up to your thighs.So it is brilliant for young children.

As you can see out of my bedroom window.

Just “across the road” is 18km of Mediterranean beach.So here we have the best  of both worlds.


Let me take you on a little tour of my humble abode here.




This is where Hubby and I have choose to sleep.In the single beds.Far more comfy when you're hot and sticky.

Daughter when she comes out tomorrow will get the double bedded room.

My Mother originally decorated the apartment 20 years ago and we have added our own touches since the place was left to us.Luckily my Mum had good tastes,so its just been a case of replacing  worn out things.

This is the first time in years I have really enjoyed myself.Why you might ask?Well for the first time in years the TV is working properly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone (my sister) forgot to mention they had worked out how to get UK TV here.So for years I have been stuck with the news channel and Euro sports.Erghhhhhh.

But at last I can sit and enjoy Big Brother and anything my heart desires.Bliss.I always got so bored in the evenings.

Here’s our pool should I get bored with the TV.

We’re off today to spend the day at a small beach cove at The La Manga Club.Its a posh resort where you may remember the England Team usually train before a World Club.

Hubby likes the beach as its like a small Cornish beach with lots of snorkelling territory.


Rachel said...

What a lovely home from home, enjoy the sunshine.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Well I think I'd just stay in the pool!!...& on the beach...& in the lake/ all looks fabulous! When is Tasmin flying out?...does she need someone to carry her case?!!! (In my dreams!!) Seriously though, I'm very glad to hear you're having a good time...enjoy!! Do you fly home on Friday or are you there another week?...sorry...memory of a goldfish!!

Anonymous said...

You lucky girl! I still have to wait four more weeks!

Andrea said...

can you stop posting naked pics of chris ,puts me off my tea he he , when are you home? im doing the girls play room and was wondering can i have all the scrap book pages you dont want of girls as i want to put them all on one wall which would look great.
is your back better? Daves mum also has siatica and can hardly walk .x


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