Thursday, 17 June 2010

Some random shots…

There were some photos from our day in Chicago I wanted to share with you.

This is of some random guy enjoying the parade.

I think as Hilary was the only single girl on the trip,she missed her chance there.But sadly for some reason he was not her type?

We couldn’t resist a shot of this pregnant lady having a rest from the heat.

Now there were people everywhere.Hanging of bridges,out of windows,every vantage point was used.But take a look at this vantage point.

Look at the top right hand corner of the dark building in the middle.

now look a little closer.

rather them than me……

This is a shot of how near we were to the Black Hawks team.They were on a stage in front of a huge screen(where the camera is).The roar from the crowd was amazing,every time one of the team spoke at the podium.

Below ground was like a scene out of a police car chase film.

We walked through these underground columns to get to Millennium Park.It was the cooler option.Chicago is built on reclaimed swamp land.So all the skyscrapers and buildings you see at ground level,are in fact all built on columns.Its totally hollow underneath all them skyscrapers!!!!!

So there is a whole other world going on right under them.

Usually you can get right up next to the “bean”sculpture in the park.But because of Health and Safety,due to the number of people it was cordoned off.

We still managed to get a picture of our reflection in the bean though.

I must admit though it was a great opportunity to get some pictures of the bean on its own.

As you can see we were a long way from home.

I hope you appreciate this post .The first one failed and it’s taken me 2 hours to get this one on line.Its 12.30pm and I am still in my PJs!!!!

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