Friday, 11 June 2010

Scrapping heaven

our first day dawned and it was going to be a wet one.It is scheduled to be the only rainy day whilst we are here.But it fitted in nicely with our schedule.So macs were worn and off we went.

First stop Archivers.

Just a few purchases made as you can see from our bags.We have booked a mega crop for Saturday night at Archivers.They said they’d put on Aussie bingo for us especially.We were a bit puzzled then we realised they thought we were Australians!!!

Next stop lunch at California pizza where we were joined by another good friend of mine Bernie.

Everyone ordered salads but I went for a chicken pesto pizza.Mmmmmmm

Then it was a quick nip back to the hotel,grab our scrapping kits and head downtown to Chicago for a handwriting class we had booked at Windy City scrapbooking.We were shown to the crop room and dumped our stuff and hit the magnificent shop.

Then the lovely “Al”

came to speak to me.It turned out the class had been cancelled.But she said “we are going to make this into a positive”and boy did she.

25% off everything in the shop.40% off Creative Imaginations and Creative Cafe and buy one get one free on Thickers.

I said could she go and tell my friend Sandra who was having an orgasm in the Thickers corner.


To say we were pleased is an understatement.

So we spent a pleasurable evening perusing the shop and made a FEW purchases.








Everyday we pop just over the road to Panera for a delicious breakfast and we even went back today for lunch.

Most mornings I go for a cinnamon scone and a pile of painkillers,whereas the others have yoghurt/fruit and granola with a varying pastry.

We went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch and dinner yesterday.We had our pudding for lunch and the main meal at night.Anyone who has ever eaten there will know why.The portions are so huge you can’t do the two in the same sitting.

Why you may asked is the glass so steamed up?

Well it was all the heavy breathing Sandra was doing,at the thought of the cake.

As you can see our diets aren’t going to well.But I am sure the miles of walking we have done shopping in the mall must have burnt off a few calories.

I must dash now as its midnight and I  have to grab a few Zzzzzz .

Sandra and Hilary will be hitting our pool at dawn ,but unfortunately (luckily) for me I can’t walk in the mornings because of my sciatica .So I take advantage of the peace and quiet from Sandra's snoring and get an extra hour in bed.

Only joking I haven’t heard a thing  and luckily,neither of us have  started talking and walking around the room as we are both known to do in our sleeps.

So goodnight for now.

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