Tuesday, 1 June 2010

ring my bell…

This little bell sits on my bedside all dusty ,but this weekend it has been jingled ALOT!!

Its not quite as it would seem at first glance.My sciatica has been getting slowly worse,so I have become even more incapacitated.

Hubby has been helping me to do anything below the waistline!That includes getting dressed and loading/unloading dishwasher/washing machine,etc.

But remember that lovely Rhubarb tarte tatin and Chocolate /orange cupcakes.Well for the last few weekends Hubby had experienced back pains.He kept putting it down to the renovations of the house,he undertakes at the weekends.So I kept feeding him lots of rhubarb delights.But this Saturday we were a right pair.Neither of us slept well because of pain,we struggled through the day,letting out yelps of pain.We tried to carry on as usual,but resorted to lying down for pain free naps.

The next day was worse.We both took stronger painkillers and anything we had wanted to do went out of the window.By this time it had dawned on us that Hubby was passing a kidney stone.

He has passed several and always ends up in hospital,but this time he just did laps of the kitchen island.Round and round he went.I’m afraid Tasmin and I got the giggles at this point.It sounded like he was giving birth.

I asked if he could wipe the kitchen surface while he went around or at least mop the floor.As a women I would have multi-tasked.In-between the grunts there was a flicker of a smile.

Bank Holiday Monday he was back to his normal self,so out came the whip and he set to painting the scrapbook room.

You may wonder why I mentioned the rhubarb.Well it turns out rhubarb aggravates and encourages kidney stones.As does chocolate and orange peel.Whoops!

Hubby has always passed a stone when he has had a pig out on fruit.See,I knew fruit wasn’t good for you.That's why I never touch the stuff….

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