Thursday, 17 June 2010




I made everyone laugh when I came out with my hospital gown on.

I said “do you think it fits,does the colour suit me?”

I only had to wait 35 minutes,so can’t complain about the NHS-apart from the manky gown..

I had to nick the old man,sat next to me,stick in order to get up and walk to the X-ray room.

Tasmin has received some more of her first year University Psychology exam results.

To say she is pleased is an understatement.

She said she’d been thinking of how she was going to tell me if she’d failed!

Its a shame that the first years grades,apparently don’t count towards her degree.


Denise said...

Well done Tasmin and I hope they get to the bottom (pardon the pun) of all your trouble very soon xx

kym said...

congratulations to Tazmin, I hope you are better soon karen

P.S I have got to the bottom of my problem, I'v got a bladder stone.


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