Sunday, 13 June 2010

Reservations for 3

Every morning we pop over the road for breakfast.

I think they know we are coming as they kindly reserved our normal car park space.

Our same man is always waiting to take our order.In fact he got Hilary and Sandra's ready for them without having to ask.He remarked what lovely people we are,I think especially for Australians.Everywhere we go people think we’re Australian.

The girls have experimented more with all the pastries,But I have been boring keeping to my cinnamon scone.I’ve been through all Panera has to offer in previous years.


That's me taking my Valium ready for the plane journey home!!!

In fact I have been given it by the Doctor to help relieve my Sciatica all long with a bag full of other drugs.All of which have not made a blind bit of difference.Sandra's shoulder has been giving her a bit of gip.

We sound so funny to listen to getting in/out of bed.We sound like a pair of geriatrics.People in the room next door must think our room is a hot bed of activity.With all the ohh and ahhs.A bit disconcerting seeing we are two women in  the same room and its Gay Pride week!

Then it was off for a bit more scrapbook shopping to Michaels with a pit stop to Target for some snacks.

Then back to Panera for some lunch.

This was a full day of shopping locally.In the afternoon parked up at the Mall and went our separate ways until 8pm.

We met for dinner at a beautiful Italian restaurant called Maggianos.The portions sizes here are huge.I once ate here with another couple ,who left the dinner with 4 carrier bags of leftovers.

We look so funny after each meal trying to work out what we each owe on the bill.American money all looks the same to us.

but we always get there in the end.We have spent the past week passing dollars backwards and forwards to each other.Settling up what we each owe each other.

We were all exhausted and this was to be a rest day.We were conserving our energy for the next day,a walking tour of Chicago.

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