Sunday, 6 June 2010

ready and waiting…..

  • booked in and boarding passes printed
  • restaurants booked
  • scrapclasses booked
  • case packed
  • everything charged
  • hair dyed,washed,waxed,plucked and shaved.
  • money off coupons printed
  • hotel confirmed





I’m just waiting until the off at 5.30am tomorrow.





Hopefully,I’ll get some sleep tonight as the heat and pain has been keeping me awake the last few nights.Hubby is dosed up as he has an ominous backache again.Usually a sign a kidney stone is on its way.

But it could be the gardening he did yesterday,as he is getting a wee bit old.

I bought a selection of different bedding plants this year.

so it will be interesting to see how they progress through the summer.

We are really pleased with how the garden is coming along.We both feel its starting to feel more like our garden now.We have been slowly replanting the beds.

This years new bed is coming along nicely.

We have so many beds that we have had to replant in stages.We started with the areas we could see from the house last year.

Next year we will attempt to do something with this area..

and this eyesore

Although we inherited an established garden it was devoid of any structure or colour.

So I look forward to seeing how everything has grown when I return next week.

I’ve just finished putting together a little “crop” kit for Chicago.I am going to attempt to make a Chicago mini album whilst I am there.I got the front and back covers completed today.

I thought my choice of title was very apt……

So fingers crossed the next time you hear from me I’ll be stuffing myself with food my dreams are made of.MMmmmmmmmm

Ciao for know.


man at work


Denise said...

Have a great time, looking forward to seeing the finished mini album x

kym said...

Have a fantastic time, soooo wish I was going you know I love America ! can't wait to see the album xx


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