Monday, 21 June 2010

Phew,tears already!!!!


after listening to Karen Russell in my first two introduction lessons I am in tears already.

The quotes were enough to get me started

“Photography is a means of recording forever the things one sees for a moment-Aaron Sussman”

I totally think this is the right class for me.She talks about technically perfect photos,but they mean nothing without an emotional connection,a story a memory.That is my philosophy exactly.

I want photos that make you remember/relive the time.I love to look at photos that bring that moment straight back to me.In fact,Sandra and Hilary often comment that I remember lots of details from my old photos,but particularly about what I am wearing.Right down to where I bought the items and how much they cost.

Yes,I know I’m shallow.

I want to leave behind photos that spark memories for people.That make them smile or wince,but most of all make them remember.

Anyway,I’m off to struggle with my crutches out of bed,to go get myself a tissue,and struggle to drive my daughter to work……

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Denise said...

Hope you manage okay, and did you get over the problem of being in La Manga with no internet when your classes start?.. lol You will be a busy girl but it will all work out in the end - or you could sneak a few supplies into your case and hit the local internet cafe..? Love the knicker grabbers by the way :-)


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