Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Well we are here.But only just.

We had a lovely flight over,it went in a flash.I had a heat pad patch stuck to my bum for the entire trip.Which kindly took a top layer of skin with it when removed!

It didn’t make a blind bit of difference to the pain.So was a waste of skin.


Chicago looked lovely and sunny as we flew over.Nice and calm skies.As we came into land I commented that the plane was VERY shaky and it was tipping from side to side.It seemed as if a learner was flying the plane.Within 10 feet of the ground we did a sharp pull up back into the skies.Our landing was aborted.At this point after a few gasps,there was silence apart from me repeating OH MY GOD.After what seemed like a long pause the airhostess told us there had been an operational problem and there was nothing to WORRY ABOUT.That was easy for her to say.I didn’t hear all of the tannoy message as I was still saying OMG.Much to Hilary's hilarity.Not.

Around we went again and landed safely on another runways.To say we were wobbly is an understatement.My legs and hands didn’t stop shaking for hours and I had taken valium for my sciaita.What I would have been like cold turkey I have no idea.

So 3 wobbly,sleepy women landed in a sunny Chicago and hit the shops straight away.First stop Hobby Lobby.

We then headed for our hotel,which is stunning.we are so pleased with our rooms.

Especially my teddy Roo.

I had chosen one of my favourite restaurant ,LWoods to eat in.I was pleasantly surprised to see a good friend of mine Patti there waiting for us.We had delicious ribs and yummy chicken flatbreads.Which we were given complimentary.

And imagine our surprise when Patti kindly treated us to the entire meal.

So stayed tuned for the next instalment.

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Denise said...

Woo hoo sounds like after your scary landing all is well and you are having fun.Keep those photos coming - enjoy x


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