Friday, 4 June 2010

Now I’m tempted..

Someone has just told me my dream house has just gone up for sale in my old village.I used to walk past it everyday and dream of what I would do to it.

I am very tempted to have a look around.But it would mean we would be back renovating AGAIN and I am just seeing the light at the end of a very long tunnel.

I know when its sold it won’t go back on the market again for years.It that sort of family house.But I have to tell myself it doesn’t offer me anything extra,except some garden.

And in fact,looking at it objectively it looks very like my current house…

Oh well a girl can dream…….

I was ecstatic the other day to find a gazebo in the colour I had been looking for,for years.

But our old tired table and chairs looked lost in the space.I spotted a beautiful huge table and chairs at a garden centre and then spent 3 weeks trying to talk myself into buying it.

I eventually decided 15 years service from my previous garden set was value for money.So here’s hoping I get another 15 years out of my new set delivered today.

Now that filled the gazebo nicely ,the only problem was it came with a 3m x3m umbrella as well.





So we now have 3m x 6m of shade!!! Lets hope we have a hot summer!!!!!




I have several other assorted tables and chairs dotted around the garden.I couldn’t ever part with my Hawaiian skirt umbrella.It makes such a soothing sound in the wind.

Poor Tasmin fell through one of our deckchairs yesterday and badly injured, her already damaged coccyx.It was one of those times ,like Hubby with his kidney stones, you can’t help smirk at someone spread eagled in a deck chair.It turns out the wooden strut holding the seat had fallen out and we hadn’t noticed.So the pair of us are now dosed up on painkillers and sitting on ice packs.

I have been taking my new drug regime for my sciatica,but as yet there has been no difference in the pain.Tomorrow I start my diazepam to try and relax the muscles,so fingers crossed that will help.I’ll probably be too sleepy to notice.

I managed to make my first ever cards yesterday.I have been having grandiose ideas of making cards with my leftovers.But of course the card/envelopes have sat in the bag since I went to  Ally Pally.

But my Sister moves into her new house whilst I am away and a friend moved yesterday,so I pulled out some fab papers and got cutting.

Fingers crossed tomorrow we will be able to do a spot of plant shopping.I have loads of pots waiting to be filled,this is the latest I have ever left them.

Just in case I give you the wrong impression I live in “perfect” land -checkout behind the gazebo………………….My Mum always said I was all fur coat and no knickers……

I think Hubby will be visiting the dump tomorrow.How much packing can a garden set need?

Here are some of my favourite plants from our garden today






Rachel said...

I love your Hawaiian skirt umbrella. Your cards are fab, so bright. Your flower photographs are beautiful.

Scrappi Sandi said...

The new Blog layout is looking very snazzy! I bet you WILL go & have a look around your 'dream house'!! Gorgeous Gazebo & stunning furniture! Poor Tasmin...sounds really painful! Thanks for the heads up on the change to our itinerary!!! I'm sure we'll work around it!! Hope the pain relief kicks in soon...don't oversleep on Monday morning will you?!!

Hilary J said...

Lovely garden furniture


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