Friday, 25 June 2010

My first assignment

Despite the pain this week.I have been busy with my camera.

This week was the beginning of My Photographers workshop course with Karen Russell.

So I thought I’d share with you some of the photos I have submitted for critique and a few others thrown in for good measure.

This week it was about documenting everyday life and how to get started.I love it that we have a PDF to read/print and also an audio to go alongside.So I feel Karen Russell is right there with me in bed!

We also jumped ahead a few weeks to talk about focusing techniques to give us a head start.

These are of Teddy enjoying the warm wind as he poked his head out of  the car window.I must admit I was driving at the time when I took these!!!!!!!

We took him to Granchester,Cambridge for a cream tea and a walk along (in) the river

“Sorry.Mum for going in the river and being a bit smelly!”

ergh ,said smelly dog has just joined me in my bed and giving me a morning kiss.Which is a suck on my ear lobes!!

I had wanted to catch a natural picture of my husband cutting the grass.He LOVES doing this.It was the first thing he did when he was home from Chicago.No helping me around the house,as I've been struggling.No straight outside to the blessed grass.

I took about 200 pictures as he kept smiling at the camera.But I wanted a natural candid picture so I just clicked away like his own personal paparazzi.

The interesting thing is the ones of Teddy always get the most comments.

People are a sucker for a cute dog.

Oh and I posted this picture,I had put on my blog last month,as my assignment photo.We had to choose an old photo that to us summed up an emotionally perfect photo.One that to us told a story,and bought back a memory.The photo I used was the first one that came to mind.It certainly sums up my grumpy,son at the moment

But I did toy with using the subsequent two as they bring back the years as if it was yesterday.

This one is of Tasmin having just been soaked by Shamu the whale in Florida

and this is a photo thats about 18 years old,ofTasmin enjoying paddling in the sea.It was pre-potty training and she was looking down to see where that trickling sound was coming from?

I caught her mid wee!


Scrappi Sandi said...

Well, I think you're off to a good start!! How did it go with the Dr?

kym said...

That is so cute of tasmin in mid flow, and all her blond hair, did you mean she was 18 months !

Denise said...

Gorgeous photos, love those ones of Teddy and I so can relate to the one of 'grumpy son' they just won't play when we want them to pose will they? Hope your pain is easing a bit xx


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