Saturday, 19 June 2010

let me tell you a secret….

I was having an in-depth discussion with a single friend yesterday about “girls special toys”

You know the type sold in brown paper bags or the shop where you pretend your buying them for a friend-Ann Summers.

Well girls I want to let you in to a little secret.I have a little “toy”of my own.You know a “toy” that helps you with those personal girl needs.

You know your Husband is away on a long business trip.

The kids are all out and its just you and the dog.

Hey,the dog just watches I can assure you!!!!!!

I mean, I LOVE the dog ,but not THAT much!!!!!

Girls I recommend it to everyone and its only about £11….





Yep that's me having to put my knickers on and pull them up with a grabber.

Poor Sandra had to do it on holiday!!!

I’m having nightmares about another up coming holiday in Spain.How am I going to lie on the beach and get up again?I will truly look like a marooned whale.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

Oooo Errr Missus!!!!


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