Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Is Heaven real?

Well,I think my husband and Son have found the nearest to Heaven for men.

My Husband was in Chicago for work,but on Friday they met up with old friends and headed up to Wisconsin.

My Son used to fly over each summer to spend time with a work colleague of my Husband  and his two boys.They always headed up to Bear Lake to spend a hedonistic,boys free for all.My Husband joined them once and a couple of years ago we all spent a few days there.

Bob and Sally own a stunning house on their very own island.


So guns were loaded up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well they are in America

The golf cart was loaded up three times with alcohol and the fridge empted of food to accommodate it.





BBQs and fires in a pit.

See what I mean man heaven.


Every type of water sports activity there at your beck and call.

That’s Bob and Sally's house in the background.The boys stay in the boat house.I would show you the pics of the rooms ,but I wouldn’t want to put you off your tea.




There was a new zip wire this year and Ryan took full advantage of it.







Hubby found his own heaven.He LOVES cutting the grass.

So the highlight of his time on the island is always the sit on mower.

I was so glad to see that my tripod finally got some use on this trip.

Chris set it up and took these photos of the group.

There was one bit of Hell for Hubby.One night he had to share a bed with Glenn (4th from the right)

I would have loved to have seen it, as I am sure some of my readers would have (you know who you are)

Apparently he snored so loudly all night,that Hubby nearly went to sleep on the sofa!!!!!


Scrappi Sandi said...

Guns!! Oooo Errrr!...& I don't think Chris'll be really happy till he has a tractor mower of his own!! I love that Mamma Mia shot!!

Denise said...

That looks like a wonderful lawn for him to whizz around on- some gorgeous shots, I love the one of the men all lined up but they are all telling a lovely story x


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