Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I’m back

Well I am back.

I will fill you in on our other adventures in another post.

But first the good news.I lost half a pound whilst in Chicago.Result.

Or bitch as some people probably think!

The bad new is,I am not supposed to use my computer on the osteopaths orders.So I have sneaked on.So don’t tell.

As I am sure you are aware,I was still suffering in Chicago.I had an appointment today with the osteopath for dry needling,which is acupuncture.We expected all the medication and rest would have helped me,but I am just the same.

It turned out that I ended up looking like a pin cushion.He had never used so many needles on any one person.In fact he ran out!

I had forgotten my camera ,but he has assured me he’ll take a picture for me next week.He was concerned everyone would see my bum.But I told him that wouldn't be new to my bloggers….

It was a very weird sensation,some I hardly felt,others were stingy and painful.It turned out they go in about 2 inches into the muscles,so no wonder some hurt.

The last one at the back of my good,right knee was the worst.Apparently it joined all the dots up.

I have now seen both of the osteopaths at the practice and they wanted me to go straight to the Doctors to ask for an MRI.So off I went.

I have to wear my old back brace  for an hour a day and it greatly helped getting to the Doctors.Plus I bought a long reach grabber to help me get dressed and do the chores.

The Doctor was great and examined me and thinks its my hip joint,so has sent me for an x-ray on my hip and spine tomorrow.Then I think if its inconclusive and I am still in pain,he will get me an MRI.

So fingers crossed……


Denise said...

Welcome back,so sorry to hear you are still suffering with your pain and hope they get to the route of it very soon.I really enjoyed all your posts while you were away - specially the one with your rear end and the sticky pad ..lol

Cheryl said...

Welcome back sorry to hear you are still in pain and I hope that they sort it out for you asap x

kym said...

Hi Karen welcome back, I have loved following your week in chicago such a shame you were in pain whilst you were there I hope you get to the bottom of it very soon xx


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