Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Final instalment of “our ”Chicago holiday.

Right on our Chicago jaunt we are now up to Saturday.After spending the previous day sweltering in,in appropriate clothes,we thought  much more summery clothes were in order.

                           (No wonder I had trouble parking the car.!!)

But of course the weather had other plans for us.

So out came our trusty Pac-a -macs

We went to an area downtown in Chicago I hadn’t been to before.The houses and shops were amazing.It was definitely very upmarket.

We spent most of our time in this shop.

and then we went back to everyone's favourite restaurant for lunch/dinner,  LWoods.It has always been my families favourite haunt when we are in Chicago.So it was great to see that the girls loved it,as much as us.

A scene from Oceans 12 was filmed,just where we were sat.

By this time tempers were getting  bit frayed.I mean a week together!!!!!!!!

But finally some male testosterone joined us.My Husband and son, had just flown in for 10 days of fun.They came to say “hi” as we were off on a mega crop  at Archivers (5-11pm)I saw them just briefly for half an hour Saturday night and my Husband for breakfast the next morning (and to load his case with my 6kg of surplus shopping)

It was a shame at the crop as everyone kept to themselves,and didn't say a word to us!!Very different to our crops.

But we scrapped on regardless.I was none to happy when Sandra won a prize

And then Bloody Hilary won one!!!

so this was the point I abandoned them to go see my Husband and son………….

The next day we packed up the car,and headed downtown for The House of Blues Gospel Brunch.

It was a misty day uptown,and all the tall skyscrapers disappeared into the clouds.

The show and food were amazing,as it always is.A few tears were shed!!

So this bought our holiday to an end.

Off we went to the airport to find me and Hilary had been bumped up on the plane and poor Sandra remained in Economy.You know they always bump up the classy looking people.(I had my doubts though,with the cardigan Hilary was wearing!)

And to think,Sandra takes 2 hours to look picture perfect everyday.What a waste of valuable time.She could be using it to do something useful instead,like scrapping!!!!

Anyway,I hope you enjoyed our tales of our fun packed time in Chicago.

I returned to this.

Don’t forget to check out Sandra's blog for her take on our travels.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Actually....it's only one and a half hours...but you're right! Why do I bother?...well at least I don't smell!!!!

Denise said...

Really enjoyed reading your escapades and I love the photos of Hilary and Sandi winning their prizes x

Sue said...

sounds like a GREAT time - have loved your stories and the photos are brilliant

I am very envious

Hilary J said...

What's wrong with my cardigan? Perhaps that it came from M&S, not Anthropologie(who don't do my size!)

lynmcf said...

i LOVE the "fun" photo ... looks like you all had a mega time!


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