Friday, 11 June 2010

Cocktails in the clouds

I kept saying to the girls before we left that” anything we could ever want is over the road.”So we have made full advantage of that.

The Westfield Old Orchard mall is just across the street.Its a beautiful outdoor mall with piped music playing and lots of fabulous shops.

After a bit of retail therapy we drove up into Chicago.It was a glorious sunny day and we made a few stops on the way.

We parked at the Hancock Tower,up a very twisted corkscrew ramp.Not so bad in the Summer but a white knuckle ride in the snow and ice I can tell you.

We weren't bothered about shopping on Michigan Avenue as its all the same shops as our mall.But I couldn’t resist taking them into The American Girl doll shop.I think the concept of the dolls is amazing.In the massive shop their is a doll hairdressers,hospital and a restaurants for mothers and their daughters to take afternoon tea with their doll included.

But Hilary and Sandra weren’t into dolls as children,so they found it all a bit freaky.




I always buy Ugg boots when I come to Chicago,so off we went to the Ugg store.


Hilary was an Ugg virgin.But she was soon tempted after watching us try ours on.I choose a lilac pair,Sandra's were tan and Hilary was talked into buying a grey pair.


Then it was off to the cheesecake Factory at the bottom of the tower.

I sadly don’t have any pictures of our time there as I spent most of the time in the loos.I suffer with IBS and had a very bad attack just before my food arrived.So I had other things on my mind!

Every Wednesday and Saturday night there are supposed to be fireworks from Navy Pier in the evening.

My Husband had never taken me to the Cocktail bar or restaurant at the top of Hancock tower.Always insisting I wouldn’t like it?So this was my chance to go.

So we hit the lift and ascended at a fast rate up into the sky.The view was amazing from the tower.We were there just before the sunset and managed to get a table by the windows.Sandra was a bit freaked out as she could feel the building swaying.

We sat and sipped our cocktails and waited for the fireworks.We waited some more,but still no explosions.I have no idea why there were no fireworks .But after 12 years of coming to Chicago I still haven’t seen them.

At one point we could see some going off in the distance over a stadium.The black Hawks ice- hockey team have one some sort of tournament and there is a massive parade in Chicago today to congratulate them.

Then it was back to the hotel to grab a few hours sleep before our next adventures.


Anonymous said...

l am glad to see you are missing your family ;-)

Ann S. (friend of Hilary!) said...

Karen - you are a brilliant blogger! So glad you are having a great time - and really envious of your scrapping purchases and Cheesecake Factory visits! Loving all the photos and comments - keep them coming!

Denise said...

Can't keep up with you girls !- loving seeing your adventures as they happen -glad you are having fun xxxx

Rhona said...

I am so envious!!! It's 4 years since we last went to Chicago and I'm having withdrawal symptoms. The view from the restaurant at the top of the Hancock Tower is fantastic but I didn't like sitting too near the windows ;o) Enjoy the rest of your stay x


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