Monday, 21 June 2010

Am I stupid or what????????????

Today's the day I have been waiting for for over 6 months.

I scrimped and saved so that I could try and get a place on Karen Russell's photography workshop.I got up at 2am in order to try and compete with over 2,000 other people to get one of the few coveted places offered.

And I managed to accomplish my dream.I got a place……

But life/things change……….

I now find myself in the most impossible position of my own success,maybe holding me back.

Since I started doing scrapbook/photography classes on line I have found I have a fierce,competitive streak.If a competition with a prize is offered,I am compelled to enter-to WIN.This resulted in me winning two free classes on a Shimelle class.Plus I was one of the winning photographers on Cheryl Johnsons December 2009 class.

Great you might think.

Yes I did to…..

But it just so happens that the classes I have chosen as my prize start whilst I am doing Karen Russell's intensive workshop.

I have chosen Shimelles new Love you pictures,love your pages class

and Cheryl's up coming portraiture people imagery class

Great and I will be on holiday at our apartment in La Manga,Spain in July with no internet access!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish me luck……

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