Tuesday, 1 June 2010

All packed

This time next week I will be in Chicago.

I have lists everywhere as I have mentioned before I LOVE lists.Check out Sandra’s blog it seems she does to.

We are a right pair.Both of us are the the super organised type.As I have mentioned before I have been packed for weeks.I LOVE packing.I could do it as a job,I’m that good at it.

As I have been buying  new clothes they went in the case unworn.

On Saturday Hubby and I dosed ourselves up on painkillers and he drove me to London Colney for a quick look around M&S.He stayed in the car (relaxing!)

I went in for leggings and came out with a suitcase and a rainmac!

The suitcase was in the sale and a bargain I couldn’t resist.It will do for our other upcoming holidays to Spain and China,when we will be sharing a case.

The rainmac tempted me because I had just checked a 10 day weather forecast for Chicago and it said rain.

But I checked again last night and it had changed to sun.So The mac will remain on my clothes rail till we go and I can be sure it will be needed.



I have treated myself to lots of new bits for this holiday.



but I also threw in some old favourites.I hope to buy lots of new clothes when I hit those shops.I have LOTS of room in both my cases.

My toiletries bag contains lots of painkillers.The suitcase has an icepack and self heating wraps.

And I have a separate heat pack for the plane.

I bought a laptop bag especially for the holiday,its just what I like lots of pattern and colour and will match my Pink laptop beautifully.


I did buy the chocolate éclairs for the plane ,but they proved too tempting for me,so I doubt any will make it to the plane.




I’m taking this gorgeous diamond ring with me.we bought it  for Tasmin in Chicago for her 18th Birthday

She has never been able to wear it as its too big.But it would cost a fortune to have it altered here as its two white gold rings that fit together.Double the cost.

So its flying back to Chicago to take it to a jewellers”across the road” from the hotel to be resized.

I have put together a little scrap kit to take with me.We are hoping to go to a crop whilst we are there.I have pre-cut all the mini album  pages and popped some embellishments and journaling cards into the pages.

Hopefully I’ll get some photos developed out there and be able to put an album together of our trip.

So countdown begins and fingers still crossed that the volcano doesn’t erupt again.

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