Wednesday, 16 June 2010

2 million people,plus 3

At this point in my post I’d like to apologise for my previous blogs,spelling mistakes and bad grammar.I would like to blame the fact that I was jet lagged,writing my blogs at dawn and heavily medicated.But really the truth is,I am just thick!

So sorry again,but at least it proves,even I am not perfect.Well almost!

Back to Chicago.

We had conserved our energy the day before,for what was supposed to be a mammoth day of sightseeing in Chicago.Bike rides and boat trips and maybe a music festival thrown in.

I had planned that we would take the car to the train station park there and hop on a train into Chicago.The car park was just $4 all day!!!!And the train tickets just $2.55 each way.To do the same trip in England would have meant I’d have to take out another mortgage.

Sandra and I looked out of the window in the morning to see grey skies.So I decided we didn’t need any sunscreen!Then we popped on some layers and comfy clothes.Hubby rang me to tell me that there was going to be a parade downtown at 11am and most of the roads were to be shut.So it was very fortuitous of me to have already arranged to go by train.

As soon as we got out of the hotel the heat hit us.We toyed with the idea of going back to change but dismissed it.(What a mistake.)

So off we went to catch the Skokie Swift.

I’m afraid I got the giggles when I saw the notice above Hilary’s seat.

She had a few choice words for me.Its hard to take when you aren’t used to swearing.

I heard words on that holiday I never want to hear repeated again.Of course not a bad word came out of my orifice!!!


The trains were packed with Black Hawk supporters on there way up to Chicago for the parade.As soon as we got off the train we experienced the colossal amount of people who had gone to the celebrations.

The heat was tremendous.It felt like we had arrived in Singapore.It was soooooo hot and humid.We were soon covered in a layer of sweat.As were all those other bods.Erghhh.

It turns out that apparently on the day we had arranged to see the sights in Chicago, 2 million other people had arrived as well.The atmosphere was awesome.The joy in peoples faces was amazing,this was seen as a once in a life time event.Just like England winning the World Cup.


The Black Hawks ice hockey team had won the Stanley cup only 2 days before.

How the city had arranged such a mammoth parade in such a short time amazed us.There were flags everywhere.

Even the coke cans had been printed with a congratulations.


We abandoned our original idea of a bike ride around the sites.There were so many people and the heat was so oppressive that we decided to walk it.

We hit Millennium park and then walked along Lake Michigan to The Navy Pier.

We took a pit stop on Navy Pier to grab a quick bite to eat.As we sat down I looked outside to see that,the heavens had opened .We had missed the thunder storm by minutes.By the time we were fed and watered the rain had stopped and we stepped outside to a glorious sunny day.

Perfect for our Architectural boat trip.

at this point we could have done with the sunscreen we had left back in the hotel.

We grabbed a cab to the Wildfire restaurant.But amazingly none of the cab drivers know there way around Chicago.So we had to wake Hubby back in the UK to find out the exact coordination's of the restaurant.Even though I had shown the cabbie on the map the location and street.It seemed he couldn’t read a map either!

So an uneventful ride back home on the train bought our long day to an end.

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