Friday, 25 June 2010

My first assignment

Despite the pain this week.I have been busy with my camera.

This week was the beginning of My Photographers workshop course with Karen Russell.

So I thought I’d share with you some of the photos I have submitted for critique and a few others thrown in for good measure.

This week it was about documenting everyday life and how to get started.I love it that we have a PDF to read/print and also an audio to go alongside.So I feel Karen Russell is right there with me in bed!

We also jumped ahead a few weeks to talk about focusing techniques to give us a head start.

These are of Teddy enjoying the warm wind as he poked his head out of  the car window.I must admit I was driving at the time when I took these!!!!!!!

We took him to Granchester,Cambridge for a cream tea and a walk along (in) the river

“Sorry.Mum for going in the river and being a bit smelly!”

ergh ,said smelly dog has just joined me in my bed and giving me a morning kiss.Which is a suck on my ear lobes!!

I had wanted to catch a natural picture of my husband cutting the grass.He LOVES doing this.It was the first thing he did when he was home from Chicago.No helping me around the house,as I've been struggling.No straight outside to the blessed grass.

I took about 200 pictures as he kept smiling at the camera.But I wanted a natural candid picture so I just clicked away like his own personal paparazzi.

The interesting thing is the ones of Teddy always get the most comments.

People are a sucker for a cute dog.

Oh and I posted this picture,I had put on my blog last month,as my assignment photo.We had to choose an old photo that to us summed up an emotionally perfect photo.One that to us told a story,and bought back a memory.The photo I used was the first one that came to mind.It certainly sums up my grumpy,son at the moment

But I did toy with using the subsequent two as they bring back the years as if it was yesterday.

This one is of Tasmin having just been soaked by Shamu the whale in Florida

and this is a photo thats about 18 years old,ofTasmin enjoying paddling in the sea.It was pre-potty training and she was looking down to see where that trickling sound was coming from?

I caught her mid wee!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

pin cushion alert

Need I say more.

Yep that’s me.

Tasmin took the pictures as I was slightly occupied.


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Is Heaven real?

Well,I think my husband and Son have found the nearest to Heaven for men.

My Husband was in Chicago for work,but on Friday they met up with old friends and headed up to Wisconsin.

My Son used to fly over each summer to spend time with a work colleague of my Husband  and his two boys.They always headed up to Bear Lake to spend a hedonistic,boys free for all.My Husband joined them once and a couple of years ago we all spent a few days there.

Bob and Sally own a stunning house on their very own island.


So guns were loaded up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well they are in America

The golf cart was loaded up three times with alcohol and the fridge empted of food to accommodate it.





BBQs and fires in a pit.

See what I mean man heaven.


Every type of water sports activity there at your beck and call.

That’s Bob and Sally's house in the background.The boys stay in the boat house.I would show you the pics of the rooms ,but I wouldn’t want to put you off your tea.




There was a new zip wire this year and Ryan took full advantage of it.







Hubby found his own heaven.He LOVES cutting the grass.

So the highlight of his time on the island is always the sit on mower.

I was so glad to see that my tripod finally got some use on this trip.

Chris set it up and took these photos of the group.

There was one bit of Hell for Hubby.One night he had to share a bed with Glenn (4th from the right)

I would have loved to have seen it, as I am sure some of my readers would have (you know who you are)

Apparently he snored so loudly all night,that Hubby nearly went to sleep on the sofa!!!!!

Final instalment of “our ”Chicago holiday.

Right on our Chicago jaunt we are now up to Saturday.After spending the previous day sweltering in,in appropriate clothes,we thought  much more summery clothes were in order.

                           (No wonder I had trouble parking the car.!!)

But of course the weather had other plans for us.

So out came our trusty Pac-a -macs

We went to an area downtown in Chicago I hadn’t been to before.The houses and shops were amazing.It was definitely very upmarket.

We spent most of our time in this shop.

and then we went back to everyone's favourite restaurant for lunch/dinner,  LWoods.It has always been my families favourite haunt when we are in Chicago.So it was great to see that the girls loved it,as much as us.

A scene from Oceans 12 was filmed,just where we were sat.

By this time tempers were getting  bit frayed.I mean a week together!!!!!!!!

But finally some male testosterone joined us.My Husband and son, had just flown in for 10 days of fun.They came to say “hi” as we were off on a mega crop  at Archivers (5-11pm)I saw them just briefly for half an hour Saturday night and my Husband for breakfast the next morning (and to load his case with my 6kg of surplus shopping)

It was a shame at the crop as everyone kept to themselves,and didn't say a word to us!!Very different to our crops.

But we scrapped on regardless.I was none to happy when Sandra won a prize

And then Bloody Hilary won one!!!

so this was the point I abandoned them to go see my Husband and son………….

The next day we packed up the car,and headed downtown for The House of Blues Gospel Brunch.

It was a misty day uptown,and all the tall skyscrapers disappeared into the clouds.

The show and food were amazing,as it always is.A few tears were shed!!

So this bought our holiday to an end.

Off we went to the airport to find me and Hilary had been bumped up on the plane and poor Sandra remained in Economy.You know they always bump up the classy looking people.(I had my doubts though,with the cardigan Hilary was wearing!)

And to think,Sandra takes 2 hours to look picture perfect everyday.What a waste of valuable time.She could be using it to do something useful instead,like scrapping!!!!

Anyway,I hope you enjoyed our tales of our fun packed time in Chicago.

I returned to this.

Don’t forget to check out Sandra's blog for her take on our travels.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Phew,tears already!!!!


after listening to Karen Russell in my first two introduction lessons I am in tears already.

The quotes were enough to get me started

“Photography is a means of recording forever the things one sees for a moment-Aaron Sussman”

I totally think this is the right class for me.She talks about technically perfect photos,but they mean nothing without an emotional connection,a story a memory.That is my philosophy exactly.

I want photos that make you remember/relive the time.I love to look at photos that bring that moment straight back to me.In fact,Sandra and Hilary often comment that I remember lots of details from my old photos,but particularly about what I am wearing.Right down to where I bought the items and how much they cost.

Yes,I know I’m shallow.

I want to leave behind photos that spark memories for people.That make them smile or wince,but most of all make them remember.

Anyway,I’m off to struggle with my crutches out of bed,to go get myself a tissue,and struggle to drive my daughter to work……

Am I stupid or what????????????

Today's the day I have been waiting for for over 6 months.

I scrimped and saved so that I could try and get a place on Karen Russell's photography workshop.I got up at 2am in order to try and compete with over 2,000 other people to get one of the few coveted places offered.

And I managed to accomplish my dream.I got a place……

But life/things change……….

I now find myself in the most impossible position of my own success,maybe holding me back.

Since I started doing scrapbook/photography classes on line I have found I have a fierce,competitive streak.If a competition with a prize is offered,I am compelled to enter-to WIN.This resulted in me winning two free classes on a Shimelle class.Plus I was one of the winning photographers on Cheryl Johnsons December 2009 class.

Great you might think.

Yes I did to…..

But it just so happens that the classes I have chosen as my prize start whilst I am doing Karen Russell's intensive workshop.

I have chosen Shimelles new Love you pictures,love your pages class

and Cheryl's up coming portraiture people imagery class

Great and I will be on holiday at our apartment in La Manga,Spain in July with no internet access!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish me luck……

Saturday, 19 June 2010

let me tell you a secret….

I was having an in-depth discussion with a single friend yesterday about “girls special toys”

You know the type sold in brown paper bags or the shop where you pretend your buying them for a friend-Ann Summers.

Well girls I want to let you in to a little secret.I have a little “toy”of my own.You know a “toy” that helps you with those personal girl needs.

You know your Husband is away on a long business trip.

The kids are all out and its just you and the dog.

Hey,the dog just watches I can assure you!!!!!!

I mean, I LOVE the dog ,but not THAT much!!!!!

Girls I recommend it to everyone and its only about £11….





Yep that's me having to put my knickers on and pull them up with a grabber.

Poor Sandra had to do it on holiday!!!

I’m having nightmares about another up coming holiday in Spain.How am I going to lie on the beach and get up again?I will truly look like a marooned whale.

Thursday, 17 June 2010




I made everyone laugh when I came out with my hospital gown on.

I said “do you think it fits,does the colour suit me?”

I only had to wait 35 minutes,so can’t complain about the NHS-apart from the manky gown..

I had to nick the old man,sat next to me,stick in order to get up and walk to the X-ray room.

Tasmin has received some more of her first year University Psychology exam results.

To say she is pleased is an understatement.

She said she’d been thinking of how she was going to tell me if she’d failed!

Its a shame that the first years grades,apparently don’t count towards her degree.


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