Monday, 3 May 2010

Why I have been too busy to blog…

I have a busy couple of weeks.

We had some friends running in the London marathon.So for the first time ever we decided to spend the day in London cheering them on.The only thing we were worried about was that every time we talked about them we started crying.We knew it was going to be an emotional day.So lots of tissues were packed.Along with a packed lunch and lots of layers of clothes.

We found ourselves a great vantage spot at the 25 mile spot.To begin with it wasn’t to difficult to look for familiar faces.



We spotted Hubby’s friend from the States.He was dressed in full winter gear,as the start had been cold and he lives in Florida.

But he was regretting it at this stage.He did a very respectable 3 hours 8 minutes.




Then we knew that Richard my friends Husband would be next and we easily spotted him.Apparently he was struggling at this point,but he still looked incredibly relaxed to us.

At this point the runners were coming thick and fast and we were getting dizzy scanning all the faces.So we decided Lisa wouldn’t be coming through anytime soon .So we relaxed ,ate our packed lunch and enjoyed watching everyone running past.



Then we decided it was time to watch for Lisa.

It became impossible to look at everyone,but we persevered.I was determined to see her.

But when we noticed that the running club members were now few and far between and that the runners started to look more like me taking part.It suddenly dawned on us that we’d missed her.

The straw that broke the camels back was quite literally,when we saw  a four legged camel run past us.Hubby looked at me and said surely she’d faster than that??….

So I texted her to say we were still looking for her.It turned out she’d finished hours ago at 4 hours 8 minutes!!!!We had been stuffing our faces as she had run past,we think.

So off we went to meet a very fresh,looking marathon runner for a spot of dinner and cupcakes.

It was a great day out.But hours spent standing in one spot on one leg,twisted scanning faces wasn’t much fun.But then I suppose it was the least we could endure after what the marathon runners had been through.

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domestic goddess said...

I admire anyone who can run that distance! My marathon run is only 5km!!


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