Monday, 3 May 2010

Sports do not build character.They reveal it (John Wooden)

Today is our 24th Wedding Anniversary.Next year will be the big one and the one we will celebrate in a big way.But for this year as its a Bank Holiday weekend and we are all together.We decided to spend the day doing something we have never done.

So off we went to Top Golf in Watford.The day was forecast to be cold and wet and just perfect for our new lawn,but a tad cold for a day out in the open,hitting golf balls.

Hubby and Son are VERY competitive whereas me and daughter are useless at ALL sports.We were there for the comedic angle.

We had to aim for the holes from our cold and windy booth.Easier said than done.Tasmin habitually missed the ball and I always hit the tee,sending my ball off at weird angles.I just hit and hoped for the best.Tasmin began to get her own style and aimed for the large yellow hole on the left.She always put a curve on the ball.

What was funny,was that the boys were trying so hard their balls were going far and wide,missing all the holes.Whereas us girls were just glad to hit the ball.Imagine their dismay when we were winning.

That's when it became serious.Ryan NEVER loses.



There was no hope for us,as soon as Ryan put his competitive head on.

He started aiming at the closer holes like us.Hubby still held out for the long shot and I just tried to hit the ball.



At one point one of  Ryans balls failed to register.He was beside himself with angst.Every button was pressed,but to no avail.

Of course,us girls knew we wouldn’t be allowed to win.The boys would never live it down.

So the 24th Anniversary Winners Cup went to Ryan.As we all knew it would.

Oh and I came last ,as we all knew I would!

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Denise said...

Nice to see you're back, hope laptop is all better now,congrats on your anniversary and at least this weather is good for the turf! x


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