Sunday, 2 May 2010


about the rain.But we ordered it for this Bank holiday weekend.The weather conditions couldn’t be better for us.Hubby has been busy day & night getting our garden ready for its new lawn.


When we inherited this garden it had thick borders but no structure.So seeing the house is nearly finished (still waiting for the plumber!!!!!) it was time to crack on with the garden.

We (Hubby) removed a flower bed that was in the middle of the garden last year.I hated the paving that was down, so we used the structure of the steps,but removed everything else.

We had a little tiff over my Hubby wanting to hire a skip to take away the offending slabs.At over £100 I felt it was an extravagant waste.So I put the slabs onto Ebay and we ended up having the most enquiries we have ever had over anything we’ve sold.People from far and wide contacted us about them.

We couldn’t stop laughing.I had originally toyed with the idea of putting them on for a buy it now for 99p.But I decided to try my luck.We ended up with over £100 for them and the new owner took them away in three trips.I LOVE recycling.

Hubby had to admit I had been right!!!!

The weather has been perfect for laying turf.

Hubby was out there in all weathers and till it was so dark we couldn’t see him.





Teddy was desperate to go out and help his Dad ,but it was like a mud bath.He went mad trying to get a good vantage spot to watch.



Hubby’s Dad came over to help with the last part of the garden.So along with our sons encouraging words they cracked on to get it finished.

I can’t believe that just yesterday they were sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine having their lunch.

( like father ,like son)

It was forecast to rain,but just to be safe we put the sprinkler on for a bit.But luckily a storm was brewing and the heavens opened and haven’t stopped since.

So apart from some new plants the garden is well on the way.

If only the plumber would turn up we could finish my scraproom and then our mammoth task of renovating our Edwardian house will be at an end.



nosey neighbour


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