Thursday, 27 May 2010

The secret to dieting…….


I had a free day today,but as my sciatica is still playing up and I find moving about very difficult I decided a day of shopping wouldn't be a good idea.So a day cooking would have to do.

It’s my weigh in today,but unfortunately it’s in the evening,so I am always heavier than I am in the morning.I have always just had my evening meal,as my Aga cools down after 7pm.So I don’t hold out much hope….

I have had an urge for chocolate for the last few days,nothing seems to cure it.I’ve had a Cadburys cream egg ,chocolate cornflakes every day, chocolate buttons and miscellaneous small bars of chocolate.

So I thought the only way to cure me of this ailment would be a batch of sickening cupcakes laden with chocolate!!!!

I must say it seems to have worked.

Because the almonds kept blocking the piping bag, I had to scoop it all out into a bowl.There was chocolate everywhere and the quickest way to clear it up was to lick it off.I now feel very chocolate sated and not one cupcake eaten…………Yet………

As I was standing up and the chocolate was melted,us ladies know the calories don’t count.I mean I was exercising wasn’t I??????

Then I got to work on a Rhubarb tarte tatin.

I don’t eat fruit ,so at least I won’t be tempted to eat that…

I’ll have to scrape the fruit off and smother the pastry in cream.Mmmmm

I dug out an old plate I haven’t used for years.In the centre of the stars are little mirrors.

I have a collection of Genevieve Lethu plates that I bought years ago when she had a shop in Knightsbridge and then I used to buy extra pieces in Madrid.

Imagine my surprise when I found she has just opened her first shop in The States and its in Chicago!


This is the hat box I keep my baking paraphernalia in

Yep, that's me…….


Scrappi Sandi said...

If you lost weight this week, then there is NO justice in the world!!!

Anonymous said...

l have to confess the tarte tatin and cupcakes were up to the usual standard EXCELLENT ;-)

Anonymous said...

just love your blog so cheers me up and am going to feed my dh the cupcakes and see if it helps him loose weight!! have a fab time in chicargo.


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