Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Happy “belated” birthday

to ME…..

I struggled a bit during my Birthday yesterday.I was still feeling VERY queasy and my sciatica was giving me gyp.

But today I woke up feeling much better and at last I have an appetite.Although hopefully it won’t kick in too much.I have done so well for the last 3 weeks with my diet.I only wanted to lose half a stone before my trip to Chicago,so as I’ve lost in excess of 5 pounds already I don’t want the munchies to kick in…

I was intrigued to find out what 5 pounds looks likes in real terms. I tried some jars of my favourite curry sauces and then remembered someone I know had once blogged a picture of their weight lost in cookery books.

So here’s mine so far…….

Lets hope I can add a Jamie Oliver to the pile or even better a Nigella Lawson before I go away.

I LOVE funny Birthday cards and these, nearly,made me have to resort to a Tena lady.

My Sister gave me the Queen of frigging everything card.I think I may just have to frame it in my scraproom.

Well the end is in sight of my sciatica pain.I have been receiving intensive osteopathy and after each one the pain has lessened.Hubby has been giving me nightly back massages to help with my treatment.Which,when he keeps to the task in hand,have greatly helped.

I finally got to do some scrapping this weekend at Anna’s crop.We had as usual a lovely kit and this was my interpretation of her class.

I used a photo of me on my Birthday many,many years ago.The title is Happy Birthday in French as I was on a weekend break in Paris to celebrate my 18th.

I remember every single thing I am wearing,how much I paid and the exact shops I bought them in.

What I’ve got on cost almost £300 and that was 28 years ago!!!!!!!!

I only have the Mulberry bag now.I reluctantly threw the other bits away over the  years.

Boy,do I wish I still had those shoes and the denim jumpsuit.

I still love them.

I also completed a layout from some stash left over from an Ally Pally purchase.I was trying to make some use of these old APS size photos I didn't have room for in my new photo albums.

They were taken in 1998 of our apartment and its view in Spain.

I’m not too happy with this layout,as I still don’t have my scrapping head on yet.

I seem to have an ever expanding pile of layouts waiting for journaling.I hate writing on them as it feels like I’ve spoilt them.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Glad to see you had a good day at Anna's...great photo in that birthday LO!...& that looks like another gorgeous kit! I forgot to ask you to get me one this time!!

Also good news that your sciatica is responding to treatment...just don't aggrevate it with 'extra curricular' activities during those hubby administered massages!!!!

On a different tack...what time shall I get to you on Thurs? I seem to remember Hilary suggesting 12.30 at Yuva...I have Lee picking up the boys for me..yay!!

Oh & nice to see that you did get to blow out your birthday candle!!

enikodelisle said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Karen! I love your new layouts - have no idea why you don't love the Spain layout - I think it's swell. I wanted to comment about your reluctance to journal. I used to feel just like that & got really upset when I wrote a crooked line or misspelled a word. Now I love my comments & take my errors in stride, however I do have a great suggestion for you. I recently purchased a box of transparencies that are compatible with my ink jet printer. It allows me to journal (or title) anything I want in whatever font or color I wish & then print it out straight from the computer. (It is best to print out on cheap paper first to make sure you have the size the way you want it). You can cut your transparency to any size you wish & then attach over your journaling block -no stress, no worries. Try it!


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