Tuesday, 25 May 2010


doing nothing,but enjoying the sunshine…….

The doorbell went today with a large box for ME?

Its my binder ready for my photographers class with Karen Russell.I hope I’ll be able to keep up with all the assignments as it lasts for 9 weeks.Starting as soon as I get back from my trip to Chicago.

Talking of Chicago I have been busy for the last few months trying to put together an itinery for us.This is what I have come up with…

That should keep us busy for the week.We met up for lunch to go over any loose ends for the holiday.Hilary was always asking WHAT I was taking.So for a laugh I decided to pack my case and take it with me to the venue.

As soon as Hilary got out the car she said”I hope you have a packing list?”

So I think it was with some surprise to her when I pulled out my suitcase all packed and ready to go.

So fingers crossed the Icelandic volcano doesn't erupt again.


My scraproom is now ready for the carpenter.Tomorrow he’s coming to finalise some details and he’ll start it this weekend.

I popped to Ikea to buy a unit I had seen.It fits scrapbooking albums perfectly.

It was lovely to move all my stash out of the full sun and heat of the conservatory.

Hopefully I will get my mojo back when everything is close to hand and organised.


We have spent the weekend enjoying the sunshine.

Hubby did a spot of bird spotting

Tasmin relaxed and did nothing much at all after a stressful few weeks of university exams.

Ryan topped his tan up and had some friends around for a BBQ


Charming Ryan!!!!

He says it like living with his own paparazzi.


We have no idea what he was doing with a scarf around his head!!!!!

Maybe he was trying to start a new trend?

Teddy begged from everyone for just a smidgen of roast beef.

Note that’s my plate above.(you can tell its mine as there are 3 green beans and one solitary piece of carrot)My diet isn’t going too well this week.I have a craving for chocolate and all bad things.I had crepes and Ben & Jerry's fudge brownie ice cream  for dessert last night.

If only I could lose my munchkins cheeks.Oh for definition!

What am I talking about,even when I was like a biafran my Dad still said I looked like one of the Wizard of Oz munchkins.Some people have big hips whereas I have a turkey neck and chubby cheeks.If only you could choose your parents and your genes.

I suppose it could have been worse he used to say my sister smelt of mulligatawny soup!!!!!


Scrappi Sandi said...

Hasn't the weather been perfect?!!! I do hope it follows us to Chicago...I've been checking daily & apart from the odd thunder storm it seems to be quite warm & summery!! Gorgeous photo's of Tasmin....& LOL at Ryan having a personal papparazzi...did you tell him you're actually a Mammarazzi?!! BTW...if all his mates look like the blonde, I bet you felt like you had a boy band in the garden!! Mulligatawny soup????...that's curry isn't it?!! Poor Andrea...I'd take munchkin cheeks anytime!!!!!!

Denise said...

Yep, I'd have the munchkin cheeks - in fact I think I do have them or as my dear hisband calls mine ' hamster cheeks' made me laugh over the suitcase you took to your holiday meeting - hope you are feeling better now xx

Denise said...

oh dear, didn't read it, that should have been hUsband lol

Karen Russell said...

Excited to have you in class Karen!

Anonymous said...

i can get rid of the mulligatawny smell ,but the munchkin cheeks may take a bit longer !!Your friends must think im a fat calfed smelly chav from primark !!actually im a fat calfed, not smelly dinner lady chav from primark !! ha ha , oh by the way that birthday card is sooo you ...


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