Friday, 14 May 2010

Bluebell girls

Oh whoops wrong  picture

A while back I spent a day with 3 friends for a spot of bluebell photography.This was right near the start of my sciatica problems.I would have like to have got down on the ground to have taken some shoots but I would never have got back up.

We went to Moggerhanger park,in Bedfordshire

which is open free to the public to stroll around their beautiful woods.We bumped into the owner of the house who informed us he bought it some years ago for £1!!!!

I’m glad my Husband didn’t see it otherwise he would have bought it.And I’ve had enough of renovating and decorating to last me a lifetime.I haven’t told him yet but the house we were going to buy before our current one has just gone up for sale.Whatever you do don’t even attempt to buy it,this man is a born loser and won’t ever sell it.He has put it on the market three times and always withdraws it when it sells!

Hubby saw this one the other day that he’d like back in our old village.But I just said “NO,I AM NOT MOVING ! ”

Anyway,I digress, back to the bluebells.










We decided to check out the tea rooms.Me and Sandra plumped for the scones with lemon curd and clotted cream and Hilary and Ann had the same with fruit.We couldn’t stop laughing when we each received two TINY scones.

Mine had two pats of butter and theirs had low fat spread!!!!

The waitress obviously didn’t know I was doing Weight Watchers.

We wondered how such an old fashioned,out of the way place kept going.


So imagine our surprise that by the time we left every seat was taken in the restaurant/tea rooms.Hilary did point out though,that I was by far the youngest in there.At nearly 46 that is not such a great thing for the restaurant!!

Here’s a link to Sandra’s take of the day.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Glad you seem to be feeling better....I've just caught up with your previous post too...3 ovens!!!...Why??? But it's all very pleasing to the eye, I must say...LOL at what' your dad's reaction would be to the taps!!

Looks like I have three weeks of starvation if I want to look better in our Chicago photo's than I do in the bluebell ones!!! Ouch!!

See you tomorrow!

Andrea said...

no two ovens and a steamer what i use it for i dont know ha ha .


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