Saturday, 15 May 2010

bloody plumbers……….

What is happening with the scrapbook room you may ask.Bloody nothing…..

Even the poor carpenter has rung me to ask if we have changed our mind as its taking so long.We have been ready for weeks.But have been waiting for a plumber to move a small radiator 140cm.

We were assured that the plumber would come one evening  weeks ago.So we stayed in waiting each night.But he never came…….

Then he never replied to countless texts and messages.Hubby even sent him a text during the volcano ash cloud to say it was now safe to start his engine,and when would he be over?But obviously the volcanic dust stopped the message getting through.

So out of desperation we contacted an old friends husband,who's a plumber.Could he help us out?Yes he said no problem he’d be over one night.Definitely before Saturday.

So while I was head down the toilet and hobbling around in my nightie,I kept waiting for the doorbell to ring.But it remained silent.Hubby then got the dreaded call.Sorry  he wouldn’t be able to make it after all!!!!!

So back we went to our original plumber.Yes he’d be there Saturday,DEFINETLY at 8am.

At 7.45am this morning Hubby woke from a deep, jet lagged sleep .Tumbled out of bed and grabbed his work clothes.I was still fast asleep,off in pain free land,when a demented wet dog sneaked past a sleepy husband to wake me with a karate kick to the stomach and a morning kiss.

So know the two of us have that morning sickly feeling.But at least we were awake ready for the plumber.

8am came and went and then the phone rang.Yep,it was the plumber!!!His phone does work after all???????

He’d had to go off to another job,he’d definitely be here after 2pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the warning mate,we’re so pleased to be up,nice and early……


Scrappi Sandi said...

Hope he turned up!!

Also hope you're having a relaxing & pain free day!

See you in the morning!

Andrea said...

if he doesnt come ill ask neil our plummer he is brilliant,let me know x


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