Wednesday, 21 April 2010

time traveller

I went back in time to the Victorian era yesterday

Luckily the weather was sunny if not a bit chilly,but at least it was dry.



This squatters cottage bed reminded me of the one I had just left back in our hotel.

Thanks God I had taken my own pillow.

I know that I am spoilt at home with goose down quilts,pocket sprung mattresses and Egyptian cotton sheets.But it would seem my home is of a 5* standard.




Ironbridge where we stayed is a World Heritage site.Our hotel was one of the best in the area.

In fact Aga were holding a conference there and I saw a few faces I recognised from cookery classes I’ve taken.

The view from my bedroom window was a bit disconcerting.

I didn’t expect the Ironbridge power station to be right outside,in such an idyllic spot.

Ironbridge is famous of course for its iron bridge.It was completed in 1779.The first bridge of its kind anywhere in the World.

I particularly enjoyed a sit down and warming up session in a local pub.

I was content to sit and read my latest Bill Bryson book all day,but my taxi arrived to move me on to Blists Hill.

Blists Hill Victorian village had just opened its new Canal Street as part of its £12 million redevelopment.

I’m afraid once you have experienced the perfection of a Disney park anything else just pales into insignificance.The new development looked a little too new and perfect for my liking.Its a shame that the only atmosphere for this era came from the junior school children dressed in costume for their trip.

It’s what the place lacks.

Lots of people going about their everyday business.But I realise they won’t have the funds of Disney.

A lot of the staff looked quite understandably very bored.And talked about their glee at being able to finish their shift shortly.




I must say the toilets were a bit ropey.

But then I have had far worst in France and Jordan.

I couldn’t find the Andrex triple velvet?



I’m afraid with my type of crude sense of humour a few signs made me laugh.

I bought a couple of funny postcards for my scrapbook room gallery wall,from the print works.

This place looked very authentic and was working to print the paper bags for the shops.

Bizarrely one of the places looked exactly the same as we can experience nowadays.I walked into the pub,which was full of pensioners having a sing song.I reckon every town or village would have a pub that wouldn’t look out of place in this museum.

I had a lovely day out and it beats doing housework!

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Scrappi Sandi said...

It is ears...nay, decades since I've been to Ironbridge!! Blists Hill looks like an amazing day out...I love those signs..he he he !!! & a great photo got some great shots!


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