Wednesday, 7 April 2010

rain,rain,go away

This was my attempt at working with transparencies for Shimelles class.I’m not a great lover of vellum or shiny plastic on a layout.I pulled out lots of bits and bobs for this ,but when I saw the 3 birds I knew they were perfect for a layout of 3 old birds….

We have another day planned for photographing bluebells.Fingers crossed it won’t rain again.

Today's prompt for Tracey's class was to take pictures of something pastel.

I have to come up with some other ideas for this,as I didn't feel that inspired today because it was a wet damp day.



Yesterdays prompt was to take a self portrait.Thank God Tasmin came home when she did.I needed 3 hands and ten foot long arms to take these.

I had been inspired to take some pictures with close up flowers after finding this amazing photographer Kirsty Mitchell.Tasmin went to school with one of the models and came across the photos on facebook.Check out her flickr and blog.She makes all the props herself and can you believe it,she’s new to photography.


I grabbed Tasmin for some natural shots.Very natural as she’d just got out of bed…..

I love that Tasmin is out of focus in this first one.

Mondays prompt for the class was to get down low on the ground.All well and good,but you may remember I didn’t get dressed on Monday.But there was a moment when the light was good,so I grabbed a cushion and went out in the garden.Now I’m not very agile,and as I got down on the grass,I feel backwards legs all akimbo.

Lets just hope the neighbours weren’t looking out the window,otherwise they got a glimpse of what I’d had for breakfast!…..


Now I know a few of you are jealous of my amazing DIY hubby.I am thinking of patenting this amazing duster he’s made.He was so proud of it????

We have impossibly high ceiling in our house,so without a ladder I can’t  reach the lights or cobwebs.But I am now the proud owner of this contraption.

I will be taking orders as soon as Hubby has finished my scraproom.


Now remember this gorgeous display when I share with you my garden as we landscape it this summer.

Hubby was chuffed with his little spring display and asked me if I’d seen his handy work!!!!

See it,I’d nearly wet myself laughing.So when you see the garden evolving this summer, know that he’s doing the digging and I’m standing orchestrating the planting.

I’ve rescued the bellis flower from its lonely home to this little gathering.


Anonymous said...

Love your self-portrait.

Cheri said...

Love the close ups of you and Tasmin.

Hazel said...

Love the LO and the film strips.

Scrappi Sandi said...

That's a great self portrait..haven't tme now, but will follow up that link later!!

Tell Chris to take out a patent soon, because I already own a duster with a telescopic handle...& I'd hate him to miss his opportunity in the market!!!!

So glad you rescued that poor little plant from it's least it's in good company now! Great photographs too & LOL at you showing your nether regions to all & sundry!! Now that's commitment to a project!!

Denise said...

Love the close ups of you and Tasmin and I am so not gonna show my 'mr tidy' husband that fab duster ! xx he will want one for sure :-)


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