Monday, 5 April 2010

PJ heaven

Still in my PJs at 4pm on a Bank Holiday is bliss.Hubby is again banging away upstairs in his own Nirvana.He’s busy doing the electrics and TV ariel for my new scraproom.




Lets hope after all the Easter eggs we’ve eaten he can still fit up this tiny loft hatch in our kitchen.

We once had the fattest plumber you could imagine,and he couldn’t fit up here,so now we only have skinny ones!!!



I have not been lounging around stuffing chocolates today ,well not yet.I have been busy with a chipboard layout.I had been inspired to used up the negative part of a chipboard sheet by Sharyn on Shimelles forum.I was going to keep it very simple,but it just sort of grew.I turned the chipboard into a house  with scalloped circles as a roof.I managed to use up chipboard letters,trees,birds and added chipboard to a cloud…….Phew……

Hubby was surprised to see there was no photo.But the house is raised on 3D foam creating a pocket,ready for photos and journaling.

It was only when I photographed the layout that I noticed the Elsie Flannigan floor plan paper was upside down.Erghhhhhh.Don’t suppose anyone will notice.

I allowed Hubby time off yesterday morning,so that he could cook me an Easter fry-up.I slept in until 9.30am,but only because I’d been awake from 2-6am.

He is very good at breakfasts.As you can see I have a token amount of beans.They are a new food for me and not one I am partial to.My favourite thing is fried bread.I have to have bread and butter as well and sometimes toast just to add a few more carbs…….


It was time for me to try a scraplift over at Shimelles class.Me and Sandra had chose the same one  below by this lady,Louise.

Check out Sandra's fab interpretation of it on her blog.

Now I tried to keep to the idea,but I went off on a tangent as usual.

I found these old photos of Tasmin with her hair in bunches.Ryan never had any hair until he was nearly 3 so I used to spend hours doing Tasmins little crowning glory.

These became my inspiration for the colours I used.

The main idea I was scrap lifting was the pleated ribbon behind a semi circle.Instead I cut strips of a paper Hilary had given me.I punched a border and then cut into the pattern.This made it,much easier to shape around the circle.I then got cutting on lots of different patterned papers and rare for me,I added a bit of bling

For Tracey Clarks  “picture Spring” class.I had to take pictures of the sky/clouds.So I used my photos I had taken of Hubby looking out of the window.

Then we had to walk 30 steps and shoot.Well seeing Teddy follows me everywhere I took yet more of him.



We love his curly whiskers and the fact that he looks like he has a twiddly beard.

Our other Spaniel never had this.


Teddy always looks at me with such LOVE and in the next one I swear you can see a heart in his eye……..Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…The look of love.

I spent Sunday evening surfing the web and checking out long forgotten blogs.I came across this fab cake that I just must make.

I made something similar for Tasmins 6th birthday,years ago.

Back then I didn’t know there were special pastes to colour the mix.So when I find someone local who stocks them.Watch this space for a rainbow cake.It may make a great heading for my blog???????






Then I found this brilliant idea for using badges.I already have some great ones and at last I have found an excuse to buy some more.

This will definitely be something I will be doing for my scrapbook room gallery wall.


scrappyjacky said...

Saw your Home LO on the class forum....just love it.

Scrappi Sandi said...

I had a text from Robynne yesterday to say they were all slobbing out in PJ's & stuffing themselves with chocolate!! Sounds good to me...although I could never eat a breakfast like'd finish me off for the day...I could probably manage the beans!!! Jack Spratt & wife spring to mind!!!!

Fab LO's & I love that Badge picture box...great idea!!

Tickets have arrived for Ally Pally...I'm really looking forward to it!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Me again!! I mentioned you on my blog today...go take a look!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous layouts; I love the chipboard house. What a lot of work!


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