Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Colour your world

I finally got around to finishing my Shimelle April challenge #5-Colour your world.

Sandra wrote this on the forum “Over to you, Buzz...you do this on EVERY LO anyway” (Buzz is my forum name.)

So I felt challenged by Sandra and Shimelle.I knew the photo I wanted to use and that it would work well with oodles of flowers.The challenge was  a project with a rainbow of colours: at least red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple from scrapping supplies.

I have spent a very hot and sunny couple of hours putting this together in the conservatory.

I think that is every colour of the rainbow and a few extra!

I wrote a few weeks ago about another challenge that I was going to take part in on The Freaky Eaters site.Each week there will be a different challenge set of new foods to try.I was quite chuffed to see two of the three I already eat/drink.The three to choose from were pasta-tea-tinned fruit.

So tinned fruit it had to be for me.It made me shudder just thinking about it.Its the texture I can’t stand.I asked the family for ideas.Tinned pineapple was thought too “hard “for me.Tinned peaches too”slimy” So I thought the way forward would be  crumbles made  from tinned fruit.I usually scoop the crumble topping off and give the fruit to my Husband.But I do like the flavour of some fruits that mixes with the crumble so I choose these to start with.

For some reason I usually start a new food in its very processed form.i.e. boil in the bag beef.Erghhhhhh.

So this was a good way for me to try some fruit but not in its raw form.I choose to go with the cherries first  and put a good covering of crumble on it,plus lashing of cream.

Yep that's an empty bowl.I would LOVE to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed it ,but I had to crush any cherries that had kept their shape and swallow and “Think Of England”.But I will persevere with the crumbles.So probably at the end of my trial I will have gained pounds and no extra foods.

Oh,well at least I tried.


Scrappi Sandi said...

That LO turned out beautifully....don't think I'll make the deadline this week, but will still do the LO's...oh & we're having apple crumble after our roast tonight, so do pop round if you fancy some!!!! Can't wait to find out what's in that package!!!

humel said...

Beautiful layout :-) And I *love* cherries, cherry crumble sounds like a fine idea :-)


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