Sunday, 18 April 2010

Is it a bird?

No its a plane!

We saw several light aircraft fly over us in Cambridge today.That is all that’s flying here in the UK.

Poor  Anna Bowkis is stuck in Florida until at least the 28th April.My Sons girlfriend is still in the UK after spending 2 nights at an airport hotel with her holiday to Lanzarote now cancelled.Her Dad is stuck in the States and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight at the moment.I am keeping my fingers crossed everything will die down and that by June we will be happily sat on a plane to Chicago.

Although the weather has been beautiful this weekend I spent a very chilly day at the Tempsford crop yesterday.The kit was my least favourite colour purple .In the last few weeks I have had to endure a couple of purple/lilac kits.Its weird as when I was a child,purple was my favourite colour.But I find it very dull and I prefer much more vibrant colours nowadays.

So both of the layouts I have made,are not some of my favourites .But I tried to do my best.

I didn’t find the white paper we were supposed to use as our background,worked for me so I added some of my own papers and embellishments.

In fact there is very little left of the original kit left on this layout.The pictures are of a studio photo session on my Sons first birthday,1987.I have a very fetching perm in the photo.

This was the second layout.Again I had a play with it and added some of my own stash.

Then I at last got to work on a more colourful layout I had,had a play with at the crop.I bought the papers at the Ally Pally show.I knew they would be perfect for this photo of us collecting shells on a beach in Florida.

As the weather was so beautiful and after spending the previous day freezing in a dark hall.We treated Teddy to a day out at The Orchard,Granchester.



It was our first visit to Granchester this year.Its out most favourite place.

We stopped for some Sunday newspapers and managed to get a perfect sunny spot amongst the apple trees.


Teddy found all the eating a little too much to take.So we had to give in and let him have a treat.

We returned home to find Jeni soaking up the sun.



She should be in Lanzarote on holiday.

But she’s secretly pleased her holiday was cancelled.

She’s found out its raining in Lanzarote!




Lets hope the weather holds as I’m off to Shropshire tomorrow.But I believe I may be in for a bit of Lanzarote weather.

Oh and by the way Hubby saw a van with a logo that caught his eye.What a great idea.Not sure whether to go for the collection of photos one or the box of chocolates.What do you think?


Cheri said...

love all the layering of elements in your layouts!

Scrappi Sandi said...

The Orchard looks amazing...& is it all 'back on' with Jen now? What a shame to miss her holiday, but yay for good weather here!!

I love how your LO's look nothing like the class kit LO's & that 'Shellseekers' LO is gorgeous...those purchases at Ally Pally were perfect!


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