Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy Easter

I have been so busy this week.So I have been looking forward to a bit of R&R and scrapping time this weekend.But we had to be up early for all our ebay collectors and for me to make Easter inspired cupcakes.

Here’s the recipe for the chocolate Guinness cupcakes and I made a basic chocolate buttercream topping.I then scattered some edible glitter over the top for some added sparkle.These cakes are so easy to make and delicious.I’ve made 3 batches this week.

They went down a treat with Hubbys family who came over  to bring us chocolate eggs.

We had so many eggs we were able to build a chocolate mountain.

I have run out of steam with Shimelles class this week.

I don’t have many buttons.

Certainly not enough to put in  individual coloured pots.

I have a layout ready to go,which is button inspired.

And as for chipboard I tend not to buy it.I have a pack of arrows and that's about it. friend on the other hand is well stocked up with chipboard.

In fact she probably has a forests worth.Maybe she’s responsible for global warming?

I have been helping her to reorganise her scrapbook room and mountain of stash.She could barely get to her two work tables.



Its like an Aladdin's cave.There are masses of bags of amazing kits and every type of stash that you could imagine.


Here's the corner we managed to clear. At least Hilary can now get to her desk!

But there is still a long way to go and many years of scrapping ahead.Hilary said she thinks she has enough paper to paper all the walls in her house.In fact I think she has enough to do my house as well.

She kindly gave me some pieces that inspired me to use up some of my less than favourite papers.They were left over from a retreat mini book class.

They are such bright primary colours .There was a whole matching alphabet of huge letters,that had sat untouched for over a year.I used up the letter K for my name and then decided to punch lots of butterflies out of the remaining letters for future use.

I hunted this picture out after talking to a friend.She has a villa in the South of France where these photos were taken.I was 20 at the time,and we were staying with my in -laws who used to live here every summer.

I am wearing a lace see through body!!!!And the tightest pair of shorts you have ever seen.

After spending the day topless sunbathing,it felt like I was overdressed.I even went supermarket shopping in this outfit!!!!!!!

Hard to believe now……..

There is  a pull out tag with journaling behind the photo.

So as one on line e-course ended another one started for me.I won a 30 day photography course “picture spring” with Tracey Clark over at Big Picture scrapbooking.

Our first prompt was

use your camera to capture an image that symbolizes the beginning of something--of anything











Whilst taking these I noticed the reflection of clouds in the window and I took these


It looks like I have superimposed Hubbys head  onto a picture.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

Those cakes look scrummy & I will definitely be checking out the recipe...three batches you say...well if you've been eating them you WON'T fit into those red shorts for cycling in Chicago, will you?!!!!

I see what you mean about Hilary's stash!!! I'll bet it's been very satisfying to create order out of chaos & I'll also bet that Hilary will be scrapping big time...inspired by all the 'finds'!!!

I do love that LO...but seriously...those shorts & a see through body!!! Well I suppose if I'd had a bod like that I'd have done the same....maybe!!!!!

Those Chris/Cloud photo's are amazing...was that the kitchen window?...was he washing up at the time?!!

Happy Easter & do not eat ALL of those eggs in one go!!! :)


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