Thursday, 22 April 2010

Boo Hoo

I won’t be on line for a few days.I am sat here waiting for DHL to pick up my laptop.The fan is playing up so its off to be fixed.

So there will be no posts from me this week.But here’s a little note for you.Thanks

I will be lost without my laptop.

What will I do in the mornings?-I suppose I’ll have to get up before 10am .

What shall I do once I’m up and dressed?-I suppose I could do some housework

What shall I do when I am eating my lunch?-I suppose I could read one of the ever expanding pile of magazines.

What shall I do in the afternoons?-I suppose I could walk Teddy and bake something scrumptious for tea

What shall I do in the evenings?-I suppose I could sit and watch all the programmes I’ve accumulated on Skyplus and get an early night

What shall I do when I go to bed?-I suppose I could read one of the collections of books on my bedside table and get some sleep.

I suppose I will survive ,but its going to be hard.Wish me luck……..


Scrappi Sandi said...

Such a tough life!!! But, after the initial withdrawal symptoms you WILL survive (cue song!!)

Was it my 'hips don't lie' photo that tipped you over the edge?!!! Well, at least you know how well WW works for you & we can both make a difference in six weeks!!

Had a succesful trip to both dentsist & optitians today...May
6th is D-Day on both counts...needless to say I will be quite a lot of ££££'s lighter for the privelege, but it will be sooo worth it!!

Has a decision been made as to whether bluebells are 5th or 12th May?...either is good for me.

Cheri said...

Being without one's computer sucks. But then again, you may find the time "unplugged" to be refreshing!


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