Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Ally Pally

I have had a busy week doing nothing in particular.Mainly just enjoying the sunshine and pottering about.

I was beside myself with excitment,as I had a day out at the”Big Stamp and Scrapbooking show” at Ally Pally on Saturday.I drove us to the event and I was quite proud as I only nearly killed us both twice.My concentration goes out the window when I’m chatting.Luckily Sandra had her eyes peeled and alerted me to oncoming traffic!She can’t wait for me to be the designated driver in Chicago.Especially as I have only driven an automatic car twice.Never mind I’m assured its just like driving a bumper car.You just press a peddle.

Ally Pally was packed.We headed straight for the £1 stall,unfortunate so had everyone else.I used to not enjoy Ally Pally as Hubby used to flit backwards and forwards between here and the States,the dollar was weak so he’d come home with lots of scraping goodies for me.I used to walk around All Pally tutting as I wouldn’t pay the prices ,which at the time were double what I could get in the States.But times have changed.Hubby hasn’t been to the States in over a year and our pound just seems worthless.So I was prepared for some serious shopping.I knew I wouldn’t make earlier mistakes with purchases.I now know my own style and what I am likely to use.

Sandra and I also recognise each others style ,so we can point things out to each other.We tended to buy the same papers ,but we will come up with totally different styles of layout.

We found a range both of us hadn’t heard of before Melody Ross for GCD studios.It was bright and eclectic just like I love.(but rather pricey)

I was so intrigued that I googled Melody Ross when I got home.It turned out she she used to own the scrapbook company,Chatterbox.But after a tragic accident her husband suffered,they lost their home and business.Take a look at her blog it makes interesting reading.

Now Sandra is known for her love of tools.She professes to get great use out of them.But I have seen little evidence.Her BIA is only now being rescued from its dusty corner it has sat in for over a year.This was the lady who got a BIA and didn’t make mini books!!!

When Tim Holtz’s grunge board and its tools came out.Out came Sandra's pennies again and everything purchased.Its a running  joke between us how many times Sandra and Hilary have used there hammers.


I found this Melody Ross gigantic mallet  for sale.

We were in hysterics and I think Sandra had wished she was wearing a Tena lady pad after our photo session.


No doubt when I am not around to stop her ,this mallet will find its way into her tool kit.Collecting dust along with all the other “useful”  items.


Here’s a little of the stash I purchased.

Checkout those cute little chipboard suitcases at the top of the above picture.They will make great little travel mini book holders and they were just £2.99 for the pair.Me and Sandra hyperventilated over several papers and we even bought several things and split them ,even that train paper on the right.We purchased some fab flags/pins.But there were far too many for one person to use.So we made an executive decision and purchased them to split three ways with our friend Hilary.

I texted her at her scrapbook retreat to advise her she had made a purchase.Lets hope in her extensive stash she doesn’t already have them.

I have been busy over the last week moving all our photos from their old flip photo albums into some new spotty slot albums.

I have boxes of photos I’ve inherited from my parents that I am trying to merge with mine.

So far I have filled 4 albums and I’ve only covered my Sons birth up to my Daughters 2nd birthday!I have to keep sending out for more albums.Plus its been very frustrating trying to remember the occasion and date when the photos were originally taken.

Most of the time I am grouping them by the outfit each child is wearing.My children always wore very distinctive colourful clothes,mainly Oilily.They were my way of expressing my eclectic,colourful style.Luckily for them I now have scrapbooking and a home to experiment on.

Its funny as they dress very conservative now.Tasmin likes to blend in particularly.

I’m off to enjoy the sunshine scrapping in my conservatory.So watch this space for my attempt at a challenge Shimelle has set .


Hilary J said...

Can't wait to see the pins! Love those Happy cards. You purchased an acrylic block... does that mean you will be stamping?

Claire said...

Haha! Love the Mallett picture!!! I had to do a double take when I first saw it as I was working on the Creative Moments stall (where the pic was taken) at Ally Pally and thought I recognise that display! The new gcd studio designs are just gorgeous-I was going to buy some myself Sunday afternoon but the bits I wanted had already gone! Typical :)

Scrappi Sandi said...

Yay for 'Tena Lady' moments!!!


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