Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Something from “almost” nothing

The day is nearly upon us.

Shimelles new class.Something from almost nothing starts this week

Well I have been checking out her forum where people have been posting pictures of their stash.Believe me they are not working with nothing!!!!!Some have as much stash as a shop.

I looked up the definition of stash:to hide or store away in a secret place.Something such as money or an illegal drug.Well as we all know those colourful 12x12’s are very addictive like a drug and I am sure a lot of scrappers would have a shock if they calculated the cost of  the “stash” they are squirreling away.That's something they would definitely keep secret from their other half.

I still feel I have too much stash that’s just sitting there,doing nothing.I am very good as restricting the amount I buy.But when the house is finished I would like to start subscribing to a kit each month.I would love a studio calico kit.But with the way the pound is dropping it doesn't make sense to at the moment.Kits it seems can be where the problem of excess stash comes into play.

So this new Shimelle class  works a treat for me as I would like a bit of a clearout, before I go to the States in June.Hopefully I will be coming home laden with LOTS of goodies.

This is the dresser where I currently keep all my stash.There’s also a crop bag in the picture somewhere .

We are in the process of renovating an old bathroom into an office/scrapbook room.

So all my stash will be moving from the conservatory to upstairs.As you can see there is a bit of work to be done.It should take my Supersonic husband about a week…..?

He had already boarded all the ceiling before I got a chance to take a picture.I’m really not sure how to design the room.I’ve told him he has to carry the current HUGE dresser  upstairs,so I can have a look if I like it up there.So I am popular….

I have a restriction in the room from some water pipes to the new bathroom.They are throwing my designing all of course.So for a change I am having problems invesiaging  the finished room.I think it maybe a room that has to evolve.

But you know what its like you want everything in one place.I would like

  • all my photographs and albums(1000’s!!!)
  • sewing machine
  • computer
  • printer
  • magnetic notice board
  • work table AND worktop area
  • TV/radio
  • stash
  • interchangeable display wall like a gallery

What would you include in your dreams scrap room?



Scrappi Sandi said...

All ready to go her too!! But tell me...how did you access the forum for this class? I can't find a link anywhere!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your room will be fantastic when it's finished. I don't have a TV/radio in mine or a display board. I have the other things you mentioned. At the moment, we cannot decide whether to move in the near future, so don't want to do anything too fantastic! At the moment my dream would be to have a really smooth work surface because I'm working on my daughter's old desk which has an area in the middle covered with lots of lumpy nail glue!!

humel said...

Love the photo mosaic of stash :-) I love the idea of having a craft room, but actually I really like being in the living room while I craft - not being too far removed from my family, having the comfy sofa, the big TV, near the kitchen.... And it forces me to be a bit tidier!! ;-)

Hilary J said...

I just can't imagine what it's like to have more stash than you know what to do with...

Anesha said...

Good luck with your new room and can't believe how tidy. See you in class. Anesha


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