Tuesday, 16 March 2010


I woke up this morning with an idea for Shimelles prompt 2 & 3  combined.I had used a technique at the Craft Stash crop last year using punched circles .I drew a heart shape and then just punched and inked away at a collection of scrap pieces.The majority of the paper was from a collection of Elsie Flannigan papers I bought in the States a few years back.

The backing paper and rub on were left over from the crop kit from this weekend.

I made a heart from ribbon a long time ago.The ribbons are sewn on to a backing scrap of fabric cut into a heart shape.The football quote one didn’t even have to be cut,so although I was going with a different title for this the scrap won.The photo is inked and distressed with sandpaper.

I have sewn a pleated piece of ribbon ready for my mini book ,but I still can’t decide which photos to use in it.

We had very dark grungy papers to work with this month at the Crafty Stash crop.Michelle had designed the 2 layouts.I didn't play with them too much this time.

This photo is of my Adonis husband in his first year at Secondary school.He’s always been a looker!!!

What a shame that for the small amount of time God gave him hair,his Dad thought it wise to cut it for him.Poor child.You wouldn’t be allowed now.It would be reported as cruelty.

That hair cut might explain why I never once noticed him at school ,even though we were both there at the same time.

Mind you I would have been too busy in the toilets at break time ,getting my “flicks” to stay in place and reapplying my makeup.I was NEVER seen looking less than immaculate.What has happened to me????

Plus this will cheer everyone up.I’ve just heard on the news that petrol (gas) is expected to rise to an all time high here in a matter of weeks.They think it will reach £1.20 ($1.80) a litre.For you Americans reading this feeling you pay high “gas “prices,give a thought to us.A litre is equivalent to 0.26 US gallons.(For some reason we have a different measure of gallons to the States?)

Plus along with the fact that the pound is sooooo weak against the dollar.Resulting in the cost of scrapbooking imported goods going through the roof in price.We may only have our scraps to keep us happy for a while.

Happy Scrapping.XXX


Scrappi Sandi said...

Love what you did with the ribbon!! I've just logged on with a cuppa before I do the school pick up...I've been busy tidying in the garden today...even been to Homebase for gravel & some alpines!!! See what a bit of sunshine does!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the football layout. Why didn't I think to draw the shape first??? What a great idea. Thanks for posting it.

Cheri said...

Love what you did here! May be scraplifting that idea!

Hazel said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'll definately be having a go with some scraps. Great idea.

Hilary J said...

I'll be scraplifting the heart idea too - fab layout (as usual!)

Hilary J said...

but then you are a professional

melissa said...

These are fantastic!


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