Monday, 1 March 2010

Me OCD!!!!!???

My new linen cupboard is all finished.My supersonic hubby has pulled out  all the stops to get it completed.His next project is the scrapbook room.

The baskets all contain the linen for each bed.

The shelves go up in the cupboard much higher than the view here.

This used to be the doorway into our 5th bedroom.But we have made this room into our en suite bathroom,so after moving the wall,Hubby made the old entrance into a cupboard for me.

I had never wanted to lose the look of the landing with all its Edwardian doors.

So this works a treat.

I probably have more storage in this house than is legal!!!

I spent a lovely day at Anna’s crop.She had come up with a layout for us.Which I still have to play with a bit and a cute mini book.It suited the pictures I took of my nieces perfectly.

It has pop up photos and was supposed to have little pockets for pull out tags ,but I did mine upside down by mistake……..

As usual out came my K & Co for a title.

This layout is of a charity football match my son took part in.What a shame he doesn’t have this gorgeous red hair in real life,its so becoming.What a looker……

They were of course a team of kilt wearing Scots.I’m not sure if they were true Scotsmen under their kilts.They played against teams of ballet dancers,cavemen and a team riding emus.Ryan had played with some of the members of his team since he was 6 years old.Which may explain why they won the tournament.

I have just signed up ,like the majority of the scrapbooking world,to Shimelle’s new class.I’m looking forward to having lots of new inspiration and interacting on the accompanying forum.


Spring sunshine ZZzzzzzzzzz


Scrappi Sandi said...

You? OCD? Never!!!! Well...only when there's a 'Y' in the day!!!

That mini book is really pretty...are you giving it away?!!

OMG!!! Ryan looks SO much like Chris!!! Fab LO!!

Gorgeous photo of Teddy...wasn't it just so nice to get some sun today!

Anonymous said...

i also have a linen cupboard which i couldnt be without and my children think i am over the top keeping their linens and towels separate but it is idiot proof for when hubby changes beds - i do love the idea of baskets for everyone's linen - feel a trip to the shops coming on.
also love the mini book - really lovely colours

scrappyjacky said...

Love your football layout...has such a great feel to it.

Andrea said...

omg my sister is Anthea Turner!love the little book those gorgeous girls,must take after their mum..
Love the linen cupboard another thing i can copy ha ha however my sheets will not be from the white company more like primark!

Andrea said...

Dave said sew some coloured tags on your sheets !!
you obviously have too much time on your hands you should be designing my house !

Rhona said...

Great post! Your linen cupboard is fab, the mini book is gorgeous and the layout is great. As for the photo of Teddy, he's got the perfect spot!

Denise said...

Lovely photos, love that one of Teddy, and your linen cupboard is fab.Great layout and mini book too.Just seen your post of your rainy day out with Hilary and Sandi,lovely photos :-)

karen said...

Andrea those girls take after there stunning ex model Auntie!!!


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