Saturday, 20 March 2010

Fridays challenge

I still have a migraine after 4 days and I’ve been awake since 5am,So I feel a bit punch drunk.I’ve had some Ben & Jerry's ice cream with a lemon curd meringue as a pick me up.

I was looking forward to feeling better so that I could complete Shimelles new challenges for the class.I waited all  day and then just dosed myself up with some medication.

Can you use metal, cardstock, patterned paper and ribbon on the same project???

I decided to use a photo I took of my children against a mosaic wall in London on Mothers Day.

I tried to replicate the tiles using  a pile of plain cardstock pieces I bought in a supermarket in the States

I then machine stitched them to a piece of cardstock that I rescued from a clearout my friend Hilary was having a while back.

So I am also using up someone else's excess cardstock as well!!!


I added a couple of metal brads and some ribbon.

This layout is much more me,I just prefer working with lots of colour.

I finally chose some photos to go in my album for the class.


These are the first few pages using all scraps and unwanted stash.

Its only a small 6 x 6 chipboard album so I can’t go to town on it.



We moved my dresser upstairs today.I say we,when I mean my husband and son,with me pulling faces as  I did my best.

But as soon as it was in place I had a brainwave.I have been trying to work out how we were going to accommodate  all the pipes we have to hide.Then it came to me,to get in the fabulous person who handmade all my kitchen.He has since branched out on his own and had popped in with a business card for me last year.So I’ve rang and left him a message so fingers crossed my troubles will be over.

Whilst in the loft sorting out the next piece of furniture to sell on ebay I found this forgotten magnetic notice board.I had had all my favourite photos copied onto this metal board as a Christmas present years ago.

So I may ditch the whiteboard and  put this up instead.

(Sandra and Hilary-near the top left, you can see that naked photo of me sat on a bridge,I told you about!!!!)    

(Oh,whoops just noticed another of me naked top left  with the children enjoying the VIEW from our Spanish apartment) How brown are we,we’d been there a month and in those days you tanned.Plus how big had my bikini bottoms been??

Word for the year-Capture

21st Century

19th Century


Scrappi Sandi said...

Fab Fab Fab challenge LO!! It's
9:50pm & I'm just starting work on mine...have been working on my BIA Class today... started at 2pm & finished it at 8pm...with a break for tea!!

Sorry to hear you're still suffering...hope you feel better soon!

The dresser looks good in that corner & I'm sure your 'custom build' man can work his magic around it!

LOL at your photo the white bottoms...I haven't had a tan like that in too long!! I also love how your mini book is coming together...nothing to do with having featured in it twice so far!!!

Great photo of Ryan he engaged yet?!!

Denise said...

Love the challenge layout, just been to the Craftystash crop at Welwyn. Lol at your naked photos-you definitely should use that instead of the other one. So sorry to hear your head's not going away- hope it does very soon xx

Karen said...

Hi Karen
I absolutely adore the pages you have done for the Something From Almost Nothing class - completely awesome.

scrappyjacky said...

Love the mini album you've made for class...gorgeous. also a great lover of Ebay!


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